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'2018 AAA' Red Carpet! Glowing with ★ in black dresses

[by Oh HyeongJun] “2018 Asia Artist Award’ (Aka ‘2018 AAA’), Award that nominates stars who have shined Asia and Korea in K-pop, K-Drama and K-movie for past one year, was held in Incheon Nam Dong Stadium on November 28th.

Since it is an award where various artists from almost entire Korean Entertainment gather, it brought in high expectations from crowd with lots of celebrities during red carpet event. Especially, there were lots of celebrities who chose to wear black dress.

Black dress is a perfect item for end of a year awards or party since it creates simple but elegant vibe. It is celebrities’ number one item to wear for end of the year event since it looks great on anyone and it could bring immediate attention by just giving a little twist to the dress. Let’s check out which singers and artists have shined the red carpet with which kind of black dress.


IZ*ONE, hottest issue of 2018 by debuting through Mnet ‘Produce 48’, showed themselves on the red carpet All 12 members showed off long body line by choosing black mini dress. Each members presented unique but harmonious styling with different design, pattern and detail.

Twice, a leading girl group who is continuing hit parade by releasing three albums just in Korea, showed their glamorous with mini dress. Each 9 members showed black and white styling with black and white mini dress. We could definitely feel the glamorous and elegant vibe with their colorful glitter detail and jewelry.


YoonA, who won 2 consecutive awards in 2018 AAA, showed her elegant charm with black halter neck dress unlike last year. Obviously with her beautiful look. She draw crowd’s attention with dress that shined her beauty.

Seolhyeon, who spent busy year between screen and stage, had lovely time with members by participating the award as member of AOA. Black dress that shows vintage and elegant vibe with string ribbon and fringe decoration. She chose to wear long dress to make her long and cool-looking body even longer.

Sunmi, who positioned herself as leading female solo singer, assured her identity on the red carpet. She showed off her enchanting charm by choosing the provocative long dress that shows her neck and collarbone line. Since she is an artist who showed one of the big contribution this year, her outfit also brought lots of attentions.

Editor's Pick

(Left) If you want to add IZ*ONE and Twice’s refreshing look on top of mature black dress, I recommend this item. With its light material and appropriate fit, it really brings out the body line. Also, with its overall frill, it creates unique and feminine vibe. It also prevent showing the skin underneath with its inner fabric.

(Right) the black color velvet dress contains elegance itself. It doubled classic and elegant vibe with appropriately long length. IT also makes your upper body more firm and formal with little shoulder pad. If you are looking for an item that will draw people’s attention with simplicity, don’t hesitate to get this item. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda)

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Write: 2018-12-28 17:31:22 / Update: 2018-12-28 17:45:11

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