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Unwelcome guest ‘Lost of hair’, what is the appropriate prevention method?

[By Hwang Sohee] The winter breeze has officially started with the first snow of year and temperature dropping to negative Celsius. It is easy to catch respiratory disease like flu and rhinitis from rapid temperature difference and weaken immune system.

The red light has been on from cold winter weather to not only respiratory diseases but also to scalp health. Due to dry temperature and strong wind from cold wave watch, the red alert of hair loss is on for scalp health. Scalp, weaker than skin, have taken direct hit from lack of nutrition and aggressive winter environment that breaks immune system.

During cold winter, providing nutrients to scalp become difficult from tighten body muscle that cause blood flow error. Specially, due to decreased amount of sunlight, it sparks the increase of testosterone, male hormone, that effect hair loss.

Seborrheic scalp infection, one of many cause of hair loss, is part of infection which cause by unnatural increase of oil production on your scalp and error in immune system. Seborrheic scalp infection is affected by moisture level and temperature difference depends on season, it especially become severe during dry and cold winter season or in between season.

Sensitive scalp during winter can be dry and easily produce oily and dandruff. Due to temperature difference. It could cause dandruff or itchiness as its early symptom but when severe, it could case folliculitis, discharge and scab follow by hair loss. Thus, it is important to give appropriate early stage treatment.

In case of early stage seborrheic scalp infection, the correct life style routine can modify the symptoms. Let’s keep the healthy hair and scalp by double checking the daily life style.
In order to keep the scalp healthy, it is important to look back on how you shampoo. If you don’t wash your hand thoroughly after shampooing, the remaining chemical particles on scalp from shampoo can cause hair loss. Also, it is not good to use excessive amount of shampoo and conditioner.

Before you wash your hair with water, let’s smooth out the tangled hair by brushing the hair. After you wash your hair, it is good to shampooing your hair by only using coin size of shampoo. When you are washing your hair, do not scratch the scalp with the nail since it could cause scar and infection to sensitive skin. It is important to massage the scalp with the end of finger.

The more important step is drying. When we dry our hair, we eliminate moisture on hair with towel follow by drying with hair dryer; when you use your towel, if you rub or brush off the hair, it could damage the cuticle that could harm the hair. The most infective way of drying hair is to naturally drying the hair or use low heat on hair dryer to dry your hair. If you keep your hair moisture, it could worsen the hair loss process; make sure you eliminate the moisture from hair.

If your balding hasn’t got better after modifying your life style and shampooing method, it is important to get professional help. Haesol hair scalp clinic Busan Nampo branch is known as ‘Busan Hair Loss’, ‘Busan Scalp treatment’, and ‘Busan Scalp scaling’; it has completed scalp care program, Haesol Scalp care management system, after 18 years of clinical trial data. It helps you to recover healthy hair and scalp.

Haesol hair scalp clinic Busan Nampo branch professionally manage the program depends on how far and which type of hair loss a patient has, its solution is based on Ecomine’s technology, providing various solution such as scalp trouble and hair loss treatment and high performance scalp care that contains natural energy.

Seoung Hee Jeon, Director of following clinic, said “If you are concerned about your scalp condition, it is good to visit the Haesol Scalp Clinics to get consultation from professionals”.
Currently, following clinic has multiple branches throughout Korea, it provides expertise to its clients with its Korean specialized hair loss treatment system and scalp specialist treatologist’s 10 years of clinical data base.

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Write: 2018-12-28 17:27:14 / Update: 2018-12-28 17:44:22

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