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Face massage for 5 minutes for baby face

[by Hwang Sohee] With 2019 just around the corner, there is a big trend for getting the baby face. With the emptiness caused by being one year older within several days and the change in the look due to the aging process, people are trying to get younger look.

Regardless of age, most people make their best to prevent the aging process including the skin care, exercise, diet and others. But it is not easy to avoid the aging process. In that case, you may not be happy with the fact that you become one year older. If you are afraid of getting older due to the aging process, pay attention to the followings. We have prepared the face massage for your baby face.

Let’s conduct the V line massage to make the sagging face tightened and face line smoother. First, rub the palms to get them warm and then apply a certain volume of face oil, cream or lotion over the center of face and spread it with both hands from center to the outward and then from the bottom of neck to the upward section in order to relax the muscles. The followings shall be heeded. If the face oil, cream or lotion is not used, the stimulation may be made over the neck where there is no much sebaceous gland and the friction may cause wrinkles.

Use the index finger and middle finger to spread the cream slowly upward from the chin to the side of ear. Then, find out the area which becomes hard when you open and close your mouth and then circle on the are with fingers for massage. Lastly, press the ear from center to the side, up, back and bottom and then spread it from bottom of ear to the neck and shoulder. If you stimulate the lymphatic gland in the ear, neck or shoulder, the blood circulation is facilitated and the waste or swelling is removed from the body, thus making your face look glossy and smooth.

If you make your face look bright and smooth, then let’s make the face massage for the slim face. Stimulate the point above the eyebrow to facilitate the supply of blood and the follow of lymph and then softly relieve the face muscle.

Press the cheekbone and temple with thumb and press them with fist again to relax the tangled muscle and remove the swelling. If you are afraid of the deep wrinkle, you had better put the thumb over the face and spread the pressure from around the lip to the outward of the face.

The face massage may make your face look clean and bright. But it may not fully resolve the problems in the sagging face and wrinkle. It is because the skin which starts the ageing may not be fully complemented with the face massage. If you suffer this problem, the transplantation of fat may be a solution.

Mr. Kwon Sunhong, a senior doctor of JK Plastic Surgery located in Gangnam, a hub location in Seoul (specializing in the plastic surgery) says “There are many people who suffer from the lean face or sagging face which makes the person look old. If it is hard to correct that kind of look with the make-up, the transplantation of fat may be a good way of complementing the look.”

The transplantation of fat is to take the fat from the abdomen or thigh of the patient and extract the pure fat from it before putting it back to the part of face for better look. It gives the face the volume and at the same time, and help you to get the baby face.

Mr. Kwon Sunhong says “If you want to get the transplantation of fat on your face, it is a wise way for you to get the in-depth consultation with doctors on the surgery methods of many types including RPR fat transplantation, stem cell fat transplantation and others before getting the proper surgery method.”

JK Plastic Surgery is No. 1 in attracting the foreign patients in Korea. Equipped with one-stop pre-operative examination through the advanced medical imaging equipment and surgery equipment, it puts priority on the accurate diagnosis and analysis of the patient’s status. In addition, as it has the standing doctor specializing in the anesthesiology and pain medicine, it is proud of no accident for 20 years using the cooperation between experienced specialists. In preparation of the emergency, it is equipped with the CRP team, emergency kit, UPP for emergency power outage, automatic pain control device, CRM monitoring system and others, thus putting priority on the patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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Write: 2018-12-28 17:18:59 / Update: 2018-12-28 17:44:14

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