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Hong Kong, the first tourist destination during new year

[by Kim Hyojin] It is a little cold in Hong Kong now like the early autumn in Korea. As the wind is cool and very attractive, it is a good time for tourists to tour around every corner of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a good place for tours with friends and families and is also good for the short tours using the weekends. Hong Kong is famous for the skyscrapers and beautiful night views along with famous restaurants in every corner. In new year 2019, why don’t you choose Hong Kong as your first tourist site?


It is the average temperature of 10-20℃ during winter time in Hong Kong. It is recommended to put on the several thin outers instead of one thick overcoat as the weather in Hong Kong does not go below 0℃ even in winter. But, do not forget to take the overcoat as the temperature may go down in night time though it is high in day times. In addition, make sure to keep the umbrella in preparation for the sudden rain fall during tour.

Night market

The night market is just the place for the tourist planning the night time tour. The lady’s market or so-called Mong Kok night market and Temple Street are the representative night markets in Hong Kong.

In the lady’s market located on Tung Choi Street, there are more than 100 street vendors in 1km long market. The negotiation on the price with the street vendor is very funny. Especially, as it is kept open till 11 o’clock, the tourist can fully enjoy it but does not have to hurry. But as the cash payment only is possible for payment, the tourist needs to prepare the cash first. In the night market, there are many kinds of sundry supplies, pretty character products and stationery. Especially, on the Mong Kong shoes street, there are many rare shoes. So, if you visit there prior to visiting the night market, you may get a good product.

The Temple Street night market is characterized by the features of Chinese market where the festival and theaters are also located. The name Temple Street is made after Tin Hau Temple which is located at the center of big avenue. The Tin Hau Temple has the unique mood of Hong Kong and has good view so that it often is used as the background of movies. There, you can take advantage of various foodstuffs and potteries for cooking, and enjoy the delicious foods such as clay pot rice and fisheries noodle. 


Hong Kong is famous for not only its traditional food but also for the sweet dessert, unique beverage and world-famous foods. The dim sum restaurants are recognized by even Michelin guide, and are also favored by local Hong Kong residents. They are the must for tourists. In addition, Mango slush at Hui Lau Shan would provide the full coolness to the tourists tired of the busy travel schedule while the sweet melon juice at Hong Kong Starbucks is the beverage which is offered in Hong Kong only.

As Hong Kong is the tourist attraction where diverse tourists visit, you can find the world-famous foods in Hong Kong. Currently due to the macaron frenzy, the famous European macarons get popular at La Duree, Pierre Herme, Jean Paul Hevin, Le Gouter Bernard. In addition, Korean chicken foods which make the new words of chimaek, are favored by a lot of people regardless of their age. Korea’s No. 1 oven grill brand Goobne chicken is famous for their soft texture of meat without oil frying. It is also famous for the various sauces and good tastes. Its representative menus include the hot Pepper Basasak Chicken and the sweet Soy Garlic Chicken. Those foods would help you get remove of any stress of tour when they are added with cool beer. (photo by Goobne Chicken, Hong Kong Tourism Board, official website of Hui Lau Shan)

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