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Go Junhee-Han Yeseul-Jeong Ryewon, Styling tip of fashionista

[by Hwang So Hee] There are stars who live the envy of many people with perfect body which is as just good as a model. Especially, stars who has perfect outfits and are equipped with professionally appearance in any kind of clothing, devote themselves to the body care in daily life starting with eating habits.

What are the secrets of Go Junhee, Han Yeseul, and Jeong Ryewon, who show their healthy beauty by absorbing any kind of style with their own colors?

Stretching that has an excellent effect to improve body flexibility alleviates muscle tension, and makes body soft and comfortable. Especially, it not only prevents injuries of muscle and joint, but also promotes circulation and helps to resolve swelling.

Stretching, which is easy to learn by anybody, has advantages of not only easy to follow anytime and anywhere, but also helping to relieve fatigue only by following simple gesture, and also creating a flexible body line.

It is possible to make a flexible and comfortable body through stretching, but it is not enough to make a slim body line. If you have tried many methods, including stretching, to create a healthy and beautiful body line, but you have failed to get a satisfactory result, a considering about suction lipectomy can be a solution to your agony.

Dr. Kwon Soonhong, a plastic surgeon and president of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, located in Gangnam, the center of Korea, said, "when you have a problem in case of wearing a clothing due to bad condition problem of your body, if you could not get a big change through many ways such as a diet or a stretching, considering of suction lipectomy can be a way".

3D extreme surface layer suction lipectomy of JK Plastic Surgery is a method to cut the skin at a minimum and then to remove fat tissue excessively accumulated in the body by using a thin ultrasonic rod. As well as suction lipectomy, it is also possible to choose geltic, a non-surgical liposuction procedure using frozen lipolysis technique, so that various methods can be selected according to the purpose of individual liposuction.

Dr. Kwon Soonhong, the president of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, advised, "As the technology of Korean plastic surgery is developed day by day and recognized its excellent performance, it is the trend that the number of foreign patients visiting to Korea is increasing gradually. When a patient wants to have a suction lipectomy, it is important to decide what type of surgery would be appropriate according to the patient's body type and body proportions, through deep consultation with medical specialists".

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which was awarded the excellent cooperation institute for attracting foreign patients in Gangnam-gu, is aiming a safe plastic surgery through resumption of anesthesia medicine department, CPR (Emergency Medical Care) coping team and 24-hour resident nurse system. Furthermore, the operating room equipped with US FED and standard 209D to ensure the safety for all sort of matters, and the safety record for 20 years with professional cooperation among well-experienced medical specialist are boasted. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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