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Damage Treatment for static hair during winter

[by Hwang Yeon Do] When winter comes, not only skin but also hair skin. Especially, dry skin that produce less oil is easy to have more dead skin and sensitive. It is not easy to keep the healthy hair and hair skin from strong win no matter how windy they are.

Symptoms from dry hair skin are following: Hair skin becomes itchy, sensitive and starts to create dead skin; at the worst case, it will start falling like snowflakes. Erythema and other hair skin troubles can occur and due to imbalance in moisture level, it will start to lose hair.

If above symptoms continues, it is high likely lead to loss of hair. Therefore, it is important to give constant care for hair skin and hair during this period. ; However, there is a proverb saying never ask for too much. If you give aggressive treatment within short period of time to recover the damaged hair skin, you will worsen its condition. Damaged hair and hair skin from winter weather. How are we supposed to give the right treatment?

First, it is important to wash your hair with correct shampooing method. Before you apply shampoo, brush the hair softly to delicately untangle the tangled hair then wash the head with lukewarm water. Then massage your head with shampoo to create enough bubbles then wash it off thoroughly.

Also, in order to wash your head in healthy way, it is important to give enough attention in which product you use. For daily usage, Alkali shampoo has great cleansing power; however, it could wash off the necessary nutrients for hair and hair skin and this will decrease its function. Therefore, it is effective use weak acidity product during winter when body dries up its skin by producing less oil.

If you cannot recover your hair and hair skin’s condition, I highly recommend you to visit professional clinic. Just like skin, if your hair skin have been stimulated and become sensitive, it needs to get special care. It is most effective to get treated once a week; however, if you don’t have time to spare, we recommend for you to visit at least once or twice a month.

Just like we go to experienced dermatology, it is good to choose scalp clinic that has numerous experience and data. Especially, Hasol Scalp Clinics Gangnam is a center with numerous data specialized in Korean from its 16 years of experience. This clinic only use products derive from natural medicine, marine bio-material composition, and eco-friendly raw material; therefore, it is trustworthy in safety, effectiveness, technique and specialty.

The clinic has multiple levels of programs from basic scalp treatment program focus on clean and balanced scalp condition, troubled scalp treatment, early stage hair loss treatment for those who starts to loss hair and hair loss from stress treatment. Since you can proceed treatment depending on individuals’ scalp type, trouble, and level of hair loss, you can receive fair and satisfying treatment.

Lim Yea Sul director comment on the increase number of people who are suffering from winter hair trouble “Even though the daily temperature difference is severe during this season, clients have visits our clinic with severe dry skin due to careless scalp care. We have informing our clients how to easily treat their scalp from home. You can to care about scalp condition and you have to think twice when you choose hair product.”

If you are suffering from hair trouble, why don’t you visit Hasol Scalp Treatment Gangnam to get safe and effective scalp treatment to spend this winter safely? .(photo: bnt news DB, Ecomine)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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