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Complete good impression with facial massage

[by Hwang So Hee] First impression always leaves a lasting memory. First meeting; first will always remain in the memory just like unforgettable first moment. Especially, person’s first impression plays the most important role in connecting with new people in the future. Because the first impression of someone doesn’t go away that easily.

If you have a sharp impression even though you want to give good first impression that can catch people’s mind on the first meeting, let’s focus here. Let’s maintain relationship with others with confidence by completing the good impression with facial massage.

Eyes does the most important role on determining overall impression of one’s face and overall image of person. Because sharp eyes or lazy eyes can give cold or lazy impression to people.

If you are concern about sharp eyes or lazy eyes, it is good to utilize facial massage that can create soft and tight skin around your eyes. Facial massage that smooth out the wrinkle around your eyes is effective to reduce stress on your eyes from smart phone.

First, press the acupuncture point located 1.5cm away from end of an eye then pull toward temple for 3 seconds. Next, press the hollow spot in front of each front part of eye brows with thumb for 3 seconds to reduce tiredness.

If the blood circulation next to your eyes are not smooth, it could create dark circle or create wrinkle that can hasten the aging process. In order to promote the blood circulation, let’s relax the stiffed muscles around your eyes. When you press the cheekbone muscle that supports the entire face, you can the effect of strengthening the facial line.

All you need to do is repetitively and slowly pressing the cheekbone line underneath the eyes to the temple with softly made fist. If you apply the eye cream during the massage, you can give both wrinkle and elastic care.

Facial massage can be effective to relax the swollen muscle around eyes to recover tiredness; however, it is still difficult to completely change the sharp or lazy eyes. Especially if you have no double eyelids, sharp or lazy eyes, there’s limit in solving the fundamental problem. If you cannot create the effect you want from facial massage, it is good to talk to a specialist.

If you have concerned about your closed eyes from the fat on your eye lid or worried about having just one double eyelid, eye correction surgery could be your answer. Plastic Surgery’s director Baek Hye Won (Plastic Surgeon) said “There are a lot of people who concern about their eyes without double eyelid. Especially, if you have fat on top of your eyes, it could make your eyes sharp or close up. In this case, it is hard to get the desired effect from makeup. If you are still concerned about your eyes after trying out different make ups or other methods, consultation with eye correction surgery specialist could be an answer”

Eye correction surgery method will be determined by the types of eyes. If you have excessive amount of fat on your eyes, it will be incision method; if you have thin skin and small eyes, it could be done easily with burial method. Also, if you have sleepy looking eyes or upward tail of the eyes, it could be done with appropriate methods.

Direction Bake Hye Won said “There are people who comes to our facility after trying out various method to cover up their complex and couldn’t get the desired result then end up in our facility. If you want a sharp and pretty eyes, before getting the eye correction surgery, you should talk to the specialist to determine what type of eyes you have to create the perfect result.

With its excellent track record in attracting foreign patients and gaining trust from them, JK Plastic Surgery Center, received award from Gangnam-gu. It has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis. Also, to consider inevitable emergency situation, it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply that allows surgery during the black out, pain control, CRM, such as patient safety monitoring system to prioritize patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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