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The Rule of Winter, Red Lip Makeup Tip

[by Hwang So Hee] After the start of the winter, the cold win that once faded away started to blown into our face. Fashion and beauty trend changes as season goes. If there’s a thing you need besides getting the thick coat out of the closet, it is a red lipstick.

Red lipstick, can be known as the rule of winter, is a great beauty item that can complete style without having any special fashion stinging nor item. But having red color doesn’t mean it is an appropriate red lip. Depending on which texture or red tone, the vibe you create can be very different.

If you want to maximize the stylish mood this winter, let’s pay attention. I’ve prepared the red lip makeup tip that will make your face brighter with its strong color. Let’s become a goddess with mood with perfect red lip just for me.

>> No defect! Thin and light base makeup

Since we are giving the point to the strong red lip, it is good to put on minimal makeup for your base. Instead of having thick base that is almost perfect, the clear skin that shows little defects will be the perfect way to complete the stylish red lip make up.

If you want to express the soft skin that has natural oil, it is important to create natural skin tone by minimizing the complicating base step. Instead of shiny skin that might be too much, let’s complete the smooth and natural skin.


3CE LAYER COVERING STICK FOUNDATION keeps the comfortable condition after long hours of wearing makeup with its technical fitting system that attaches skin delicately with its light and detail touch with no heaviness. You can finish the fix up make up fast and smooth with its mini foundation brush.

>> EYEBROW that emphasizes dimension

If you have created natural base makeup, now it is time to complete the eye brow that will add the natural shades that will emphasize the dimension. In order to create the harmonious makeup with red lip, it is good to complete the makeup using simple eyebrow instead of colorful or thick eye liner.

The point here is to give full color while following the natural eye brow shape. At this point, if you use the slim pencil that can clearly express the eye brows one by one, it will be easier to put on the makeup. Lastly, let’s give natural shades by blending the front hair in front of the eye brow.


Slim pencil that can express each eyebrow and cream powder cushion that naturally fill up the empty spots in the eye brow are in one package; they will help your brow makeup to be easier. You can maintain the perfect makeup anytime anywhere by fixing the eyebrow and hair line by carrying in pouch or bag.

The Rule of Winter, Red Lip Makeup Tip

The beloved color red. Especially, red lips, prefect companion for winter, draws people’s attention with its strong color. If you think thick red lip is too much, you can apply it as gradation, from inside, to use it as daily makeup.

Red lip can give different vibe depending on which texture you use. Mat lipstick has great color power; however, it could emphasize the dry skin due to its dry finish on lips, I recommend you to choose creamy texture.


3CE SLIM VELVET LIP COLOR keeps the comfortable lip makeup for long period of time by smoothly blending the high color development velvety texture that softly apply as it touches your lip in between fine wrinkles on your lips. Fluffy red color is an attractive rose red lipstick that expresses yellowish red depends on the angle you look at.

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