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3 Solution for Fine Dust ∙Yellow Dust ∙ Skin

[by Hwang So Hee] Fall is a season of high sky and horses gaining weight. It is a proverb referring to fall with great weather. We all want to go out for a fall picnic under the clear autumn sky before leafs all fall down; however, storms of fine dust is preventing us from even going out for short amount of time.

Enjoying clear fall weather become a luxury after hearing continuous news of Yellow Dust and fine dust. With the news report predicting more severe fine dust into not only fall but also winter, it is an urgent matter to find solution.

Skin, with no protection from fine dust or Yellow Dust, needs special solution because it could cause various trouble, skin disease, rash and dead skin. Let’s maintain clean and clear skin with damaged treatment from fine dust.


Fine dust, smaller than pore, can penetrate deep inside of skin; therefore, thorough cleansing is most important. Especially, fine dust piling up inside of pore can cause various trouble when it means with makeup residues, dead skin and other wastes.

It is appropriate to use cleansing oil to moisturize the face sine the cleansing cream can worsen the skin condition by sticking fine dust on face with its rich oiliness. After removing the make up with cleansing oil, clear the fine dust inside of pore with double face wash. It is good to utilize face wash brush that can wipe the curved part of the face.


3CE WHITE MILK PACK TO FOAM can thoroughly clear the waste inside of pore with white milk and clay component that can care deep inside the pore; it will treat your skin to be clean and clear. Clay pack with bubble particle will give double deep cleansing effect. Also, the oatmeal and honey extract will prevent the skin dryness while soothing the skin with tea tree extract.


It is good to add the moisturizing care to basic ritual after washing your face for today’s weather with severe fine dust. First, wipe the face following the skin tone by pouring toner on makeup cotton a little bit before moisture dries up. Compare to absorbing toner with hands, cleaning with makeup cotton can completely eliminate waste left after face washing.

Since the various harmful contents that forms fine dust can easily damage the skin barrier, it is good to use the moisture barrier strengthen cream that can increase the skin protection power. Let’s give moisture to damaged skin with good cream with great absorbing power after finishing the fundamental step.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO FACIAL CREAM: Milk protein extracts and vegetable butter create moisturizing film in 2 layers; Creates moisture-locking effects. It helps skin barrier restoration and by forming the thin coating barrier that doesn’t suffocate you, it keeps the moist skin and allow to give fresh finish.


If your skin type is the one with excess oil, it is good to create fuzzy makeup because the fine skin sticks more easily to your skin. Powder or compact powder are perfect give fuzzy finish to the skin surface.

If you are concern about thickening up the makeup, it is appropriate to use Sebum powder. Sebum powder catches the excess oil mean while finishing the makeup with thin layer; this allows you to fix the makeup during outing as a makeup correction. Use tint with less oil and finish the base make up with powder to give fuzzy finish.


3CE BLUR SEBUM POWDER’s ultra-fine forming mineral can fill up the pore and wrinkle on your face while giving the natural tone up effect and catching the excess oil; it will keep the makeup for longer period. When you add the Sebum powder at the last step of makeup, it will work as a fixer that can increase the attaching power of base.

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