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Hair loss cause by genetic and environmental reasons, Constant treatment is the answer!

There has been significant increase of hair loss patients in every age group; it almost looks like it is proving the statement ‘Age of 10 million hair loss patients’ We always have thought it was caused by genetic reasons; however, with the increase patients number in 20-30 age group and females, the opinion on the cause of hair loss have been diversified. “If you know your enemy, you can win 100 times”. If you are concerned about sudden hair loss, refer to this article.

Hair loss is usually refer to loss of adult hair (thick black hair) from scalp. Korean, compare to Caucasian, have lower density of hair, have 50k - 70k hair; it is normal to loss 50 ~ 70 pieces of hair. However, if you are losing more than 100 hairs over the night or during shower, it could cause by disease and it is good to consult with specialist.

The cause of hair loss can be varied. The genetic cause of the hair loss is from male hormone androgen, which is regarded as an important factor, but even without this family history, endocrine disease, nutritional deficiency drug use, childbirth, fever, excessive dieting, surgery, wrong eating habits, stress due to scalp disease; This is the opinion of the experts.

Especially, during fall, you could loss more hair than usual. Throughout the summer, the scalp and hair damaged by strong sunlight, ultraviolet rays, heat, sebum, and the others; the hair, hit by the sudden dry weather in the fall, eventually falls. Also, the severe daily temperature difference breaks the scalp moisture balance and cause dead skin; if the dead skin have not been completely cleaned, it could weaken the hair root by blocking the pore. Also, during fall, the less amount of sunlight compare to summer, can increase testosterone secretion temporarily; this can cause hair loss.

In the case of female, they tend to go out with wet hair after morning shower, this habit can cause ‘scalp infection’. As the moisture leave longer on the scalp, it will cause scalp disease with waste and sebum waste; it will increase the risk of bacterial breeding if you don’t dry the wet hair before heading out for work; the wet scalp can attract dust and other contaminants that will block the scalp spore. Thus, you must wash your hair to remove contaminant that got on your scalp and hair after going out; also, dry the hair thoroughly with cold wind.

If you drink or smoke often, the chances of hair loss become double. Because nicotine and alcohol can interfere with blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate the sebaceous glands; they can cause excessive sebum secretion. Also, instant, fast food, and fatty foods based eating habits can be a shortcut to the hair loss because it increases the sebaceous glands and make the hair thin. Therefore, it is important to have balanced diet focused on vegetable protein, low salt, seasonal fruit, and vegetarian diet.

However, if the symptom of hair loss have occurred already, it is hard to cure with above prevention method. Once the hair loss occurred, it has tendency of getting worst. Therefore, it is the best method to prevent before happening and if it has started, you have to get treated immediately. 

Just like you go to dermatology to treat the skin disease, it is good to treat the hair loss constantly by visiting the specialized clinic. It is most effective to get treated once a week; however, if you don’t have time to spare, we recommend for you to visit at least once or twice a month.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a clinic is how many clinical history and improvement history it has. Due to variety of causes, hair loss is difficult to prevent and improve; it requires specialized treatment.

Haesol hair scalp clinic Busan Univ branch is known as ‘Busan Hair Loss’, ‘Busan Scalp treatment’, and ‘Busan Scalp scaling’; it has specialized care program that specialized for Koreans after 16 years of clinical trial data. This clinic only use products derive from natural medicine, marine bio-material composition, and eco-friendly raw material; It has completed Haesol’s unique hair scalp treatment solution by proving its effectiveness, expertise and safety. Currently, it runs numbers of franchises throughout the nation and it has play a role as pioneer of creating Korean hair scalp management system with its long history of operating clinical testing center and network.

Director Lee Mi Sun said “Most of female clients who visit the clinic tent to not dry their hair after washing their hair at night. You have to be cautious about this because the wet hair can cause hair loss. If the hair lose started, it is important to get treated as soon as possible. I recommend you to visit the scalp clinic and consult with the specialist”. (photo by bnt News DB, Ecomine)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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