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In between seasons, Keep Out skin trouble!

[by Shin Yeon Kyeong] The unwelcome guest have arrived after severe daily temperature difference with drastically dried skin: Skin trouble. The visible small acne on forehead, middle of forehead, chin and temple is increasing our concern on skin during in between seasons

It is important to recreate balanced skin barrier during in between seasons where skin trouble can easily triggered. Because the skin become sensitive to even small stimulation from weaken immune system. In order to create strong skin barrier, it is important to balance the moisture level of skin after analyzing one’s skin type then treat with the correct treatment.

Also, start concentrated treatment using trouble specialized product. The trouble management product gives less stimulus to the skin with its rich ingredients that has effective soothing effect. Also, it helps to create moist up the dry skin with dryness, iciness and others with its rich moisturizing components. Let’s look into the treatment method that will eliminate skin trouble during in between seasons.


The first of step of all skin care is cleansing. Thorough cleansing will make the skin clean and prevent further more damage from skin trouble. The dry weather will give hard time for skin to discharge its waste; it is easy to leave harmful components from outside.

First, use cleansing oil to clean the skin softly, like massaging, to prevent makeup, dust and waste from remaining on the skin. Then, finish the second wash up using firm type cleansing foam. Then, to target dead skin that makes makeup to stand during in between seasons, Use soft scrub product 2~ 3 times a week to eliminate those dead skin.

In order to eliminate the dead skin thoroughly, it is good to have one more step. If you use steamed towel to open up the spores then wipe off with peeling pad, you can eliminate unnecessary dead skin completely.

Moisturizing Care

If your skin continues to be dry skin after cleansing the skin with cleansing routine, it will create continuously create dead skin and troubles; thus, it is good to manage healthy skin by giving moisture and nutrients to your skin.

Let’s moisturize the skin as the first step using mist and serum after cleansing. Then, use high concentrated skin toner product to clean the skin tone. Then add lotion and cream product to moisturize the skin thoroughly.

Let’s use product effective in soothing the skin when using the serum product before the skin care ritual to help calming the skin trouble. Let’s create smooth skin during in between seasons by referring to following information before choosing the product: Centella, Artemisia herb and Witch Hazel components can prevent skin disease while maintaining the skin health by calming and soothing the skin stimulation and stress.

Editor’s Pick

01 Shu Uemura New Ultimate8 Cleansing oil has strong cleansing power with 8 plant components that helps skin health; it creates smooth and beautiful skin by increasing the skin elasticity and providing enough moisturizing.

02 So Natural SHINING FACE PEELING PADS will take care dead skin and sebum with minimum stimulation with its superfine fiber pad with lemon extracts and Beta Hydroxyl Acid; it will manage dark skin tone to bright skin tone.

03 HUWAY sesamis Age Trouble Control Serum will create smooth skin surface while moisturizing inside of skin with its Panthenol, Centella, Artemisia herb and Witch Hazel components that helps to calming and soothing of skin trouble. Also, by supply the moisture and nutrients at the same time, it completes the elastic skin by creating skin barrier and decreasing the pore size. (photo by HUWAY, shuemura ,SoNatural, bnt News DB)

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