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Goddess Lee Nayoung At The Busan International Film Festival Draw Attention With Different Style Between Day And Night

[by Oh Hyeong-Jun] The Busan International Film Festival, celebrating its 23rd event for all film industry personnel, started its schedule for next 10 days after having opening ceremony on October 4th. After the “Diving Bell’ incident in 2014, The Busan International Film Festive, struggled for previous four years, is ready to start in clean slate by making this year the year one for normalization.

Headline of the film festival, the first impression, is the Beautiful days (Director Yoon Jae Ho), starring Lee Nayoung. The Beautiful days is movie about revealing the truth surrounding a woman who is living in Korea hiding hurtful past (Lee Nayoung) and her son (Jang Dongyoon) who finally visit after 14 years. It has drawn attention for being Lee Yayoung’s returning movie to the screen after 6 years.

During the opening day, her completely different outfit between day and night draw attentions. We also looked into her completely different fashion between press conference and during the days and opening red carpet at night. Let’s meet her who perfectly pull off similar but different jacket style.


The press conference for The Beautiful days, invited as opening film for 2018 Busan International Film Festival, was held on 1pm, October 4th. Showing herself on the official event as a movie actress after 6 years, she caught eyes of people with her never changing beauty along with her provocative styling.

She caught everyone’s attention with neon pink color jacket, vivid red color one-piece dress, pants and muffler layer. It was a little abstruse color and combination but most opinions lean toward it was an appropriate attire to her comeback on public event. It was perfect fashion to show her unique and fashionable side.

Editors' Pick

It is difficult to match neon color jacket and vivid colored one-piece dress that you saw on her daily fashion. However, tone-down pink jacket is a useful item to show enough character and seasonal styling. This jacket, could be shown in over shoulder and over fit, has belt as a set item that you can use by itself; which is its biggest perk.

It is pretty to emphasize the thin waist line by tighten the boxy jacket with the belt; however, you can create edgy style by wearing as open jacket without buttoning any button. The belt that comes along with can be used for pants, skirt, dress and others. It is truly 1+1 item.


During the same day night, there was 2018 Busan International Film Festival red carpet event took place. Provocative Lee Ya Young in all black shown herself instead of unique and strong image that she just showed couple hours ago. She showed up her body line by wearing long length jacket dress with black color leggings for her bottom.

Jacket style one piece dress, wore by lots of celebrities during this season, is great item to create mannish, formal but girly vibe at the same time; it has shown itself at official event a lot lately. Lee Nayoung also pull off this item in her own style; receiving lots of positive feedback.

Editors' Pick

If it is the day you have to show femininity, manly and formal at the same time just like Lee Nayoung, let’s utilize over fit double jacket. You can layer using various item with its attractive over-fit with generous width. Also, you can wear like a dress if you button up all the buttons.

Also, you can utilize as an outer if you match with blouse, denim and shirts. You can actively move around with tis natural fit with no close feeling. Especially, if you match with long boots as a one-piece dress, it looks at its best. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda)

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Write: 2018-10-11 18:07:18 / Update: 2018-10-11 18:21:44

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