2018 F/W Eye One-point make up trend

[by Hwang Sohee] After heat has gone away, the autumn has arrived with series of cool rain showers. If you want to truly enjoy the autumn weather after the long hot weather, autumn one point make up that shows 2018 F/W beauty trend is the one you should not miss.

If the bright lip point make up and blusher were the beauty trend of 2018 summer, eye point make up with glitter shadow is going to be the trend of this coming fall. The point of this autumn make up is giving the deep color shading with brown tone shadow and adding the lovely charm with shiny glitter.

If you are tired of dull shadowed make up throughout all four season, let’s pay attention here. We have prepared you a special eye make up with bright glitter shadow that follows 2018 F/W make up trend. Let’s look into the makeup trend that will make you an elegant autumn goddess.

#Glitter Shadow

Shaded make up is what we usually think of as fall make up. Because the shaded make up that goes perfectly with harsh autumn can emphasize a subtle vibe. However, shaded make up could be easily bored and feel dull. If you are tired of pointless make up just like others, let’s give some pointers with glitter shadow.

Glitter shadow with subtle pearl is the trendy make up product of 2018 autumn. If you are intimidated by colorful pearl, use pink beige glitter that is suitable for daily usage. Let’s complete the clear and deep eyes by blending brown toned shadow, to give shade on crease, with pink beige glitter.


3CE MULTI EYE COLOR PALETTE #ALL NIGHTER is a wearable nine eye shadow with daily color that gives no pressure to daily usage and multi glitter that is colorful, shiny and diverse. Diamond pearl that reflects the light will add the natural balance between color and light; it will create more clear and beautiful eyes. You can feel the soft applying affect with its melting oil and high-gloss oil with superior moisturizing power.

#Brown Eyeliner

If you have created subtle vibe with deep shadowed and bright glitter shadow, let’s use brown eyeliner to complete the sharp eyes. Deep black eyeliner may create smaller looking eyes and stuffy looks, let’s fill in between eyelashes with natural brown eyeliner.

If you can to create cleaner image, it is good to fill up the waterline with pen liner and draw sharp line you can increase the sustainability of eye line by blending the boundary with brown eyeliner after creating the sharp eyes.


3CE EASY PEN EYE LINER #BROWN can maintain clean eye line running after long hours with film formula type that creates thin film as you apply the eye liner. It creates deep eye line with delicate and even touch that fills everything between eyelashes Subtle brown color completes the soft eyes by creating subtle and innocent vibe.

#Brown Mascara

If you want to spread an elegant charm that shows autumn vibe, let’s add the attractive mood with the brown mascara. Subtle brown color mascara creates more natural eyelashes than black color mascara; which is perfect for the people who want to add on subtle vibe.

Let’s add volume on eyelashes with eyelash curler after finishing eyeshadow and eye line. Let’s apply brown mascara on the eyelashes in a zigzag line one by one. You can create deadly doll-looking eyelashes and increase adherence when you apply mascara one more time after applying the lower eyelashes.


3CE WATERPROOF MEGA VOLUME MASCARA can be apply to eyelashes without being curled up and it creates full and elastic eyelashes with one touch. It can create sharp eyes with its’ high color figment for deeper and clear eyelashes. It is perfect to finish the pure and attractive eyes with subtle reddish brown color.

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