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Season of Jackets! Yoona- Son Na-eun – Park Gyuri 3 different jacket style

[by Oh Hyeong-jun] The summer heat is finally gone and the cool morning and evening winds alert us of the imminent fall. As it is the best season to choose clothes, fall is the time to match various outerwear with innerwear and show off your fashion sense.

Among the many types of outerwear, the most useful item is the jacket. The simple design of the black jacket will fit well with any outer or bottom and everyone owns at least one in their closet. It is also a beloved item by celebrities for official events since you look well dressed and formal for TPO while still looking casual.

Recently, we were able to see many stars looking fashionable in various jackets that reflects the changing season. Girl’s Generation’s Yoona, A-Pink’s Son Na-eun and Kara’s Park Gyuri are few on them. From a simple jacket that will not disappoint every day to eye catching jackets with bold colors and details. Let’s learn from these 3 beauties and create your own jacket style.

Yoona's simple black jacket

Yoona, who made a big come back with Girls Generation’s Oh! GG, showed up at the shoe brand event site which she is the active spokesperson. Her unique bright smile and beauty attracted everyone’s attention at once, and she showed off her beauty despite wearing a simple suit jacket.

The item that gave her a neat and clean image was the black jacket. The casual feel of the T-shirt and the formal feel of the jacket are in harmony with each other, thus completing styling that is modestly formal but not too overly rigid. With the versatile jacket that looks good with any inners, she pulled off a clean look.

Editors’ Pick

An over fit black jacket is undoubtedly the best versatile item. It is an attractive jacket with a slim fit under a wide shoulder line. It has a solid texture and durability makes it easy to reach for all throughout the season. It goes well with button shirts, T-shirts, shorts, skirts and other items so it has a high success rate.

Son Na-eun’s stylish suit jacket

Apink’s Son Na-eun, who just finished up a successful promotion run for the ‘I’m so sick’ and waiting for the release of the new movie ‘Woman’s Wail’, attended a showroom event of a brand. She matched a fringe blouse with a lustrous blue suit to complete a look that showed off a pride of a career woman and romanticism together.

She added a fall mood by pulling her long straight hair to one side and wearing makeup that goes well with fall. She showed off a new side with a mannish look that was different from her normal style. Her style was praised for representing her image as she is progressing as an actress as well as a singer.

Editors’ Pick

Introducing a one of a kind jacket in unique color that can change silhouettes as well. Along with the tone down pink that is perfect for fall, you can change up the look by synching the waist line with a detachable belt. With careful detail precision of pocket lining, slits and more, you will know

Park Gyuri’s elegant white jacket

Park Gyuri, who is continuing various activities as an actress, appeared at the VIP screening of a movie. To fit her nickname, ‘goddess’, she grabbed the attention of the scene with elegant and graceful gestures and attitude. It was the white ivory-colored jacket that made her shine even more in front of the camera flashes.

The big black button and the belt strapped around the waist looked bold but the Ivory color added a feminine touch to the look. She completed the look by matching black & white, and she looked clean and elegant to match her image.

Editors’ Pick

It is an all-purpose jacket that can be worn casually and formally. The generous silhouette and big pockets make you feel casual, but you can create a totally different atmosphere by using the belt together. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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