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Special skin care for the skin threatened by the hot sunlight

[by Hwang So Hee] Even if you do not move, a lot of sweat flows down along the spine. It is hot August. Due to the record hot weather in 111 years, even the daily life is not easy and still less going out. Whether day or night, there are a lot of people who cannot have sleep due to the hot weather, thus losing their biorhythms and suffering a lot.

In the hot summer weather when the hot weather warning is announced nationwide, people should take more care of their behavior which may lead to the damage to their physical and mental health. But, what gets more damaged by the heat in the summer is no other than our skin. As the skin is exposed to the outside stimulants such as ultraviolet, heat or humidity, we should take more care of the skin which is exposed to the outside stimulants.

In summer time, people are more susceptible to the skin diseases due to the high temperature, humidity or ultraviolet. Especially, because the strong ultraviolet in August makes the skin reddened or in the extreme cases, get the bluster or skin diseases, more care should be taken of the skin. Let’s find out the special skin care products which would give the rest to the skin which gets damaged by the outside stimulation.

Toner pack

If the excessive care is made to the sensitive skin which is reddened by the hot heat, the skin condition may rather deteriorate. In this case, try the toner pack as it lowers the high skin temperature and supplements the moisture.

When you use the toner pack, you had better select the product which can provide your skin with the moisture and nutrients as the skin’s balance between moisture and oil is destroyed. Prior to using the toner, make sure to keep in in a refrigerator to get the excellent cooling effect. After washing the face, fully soak the make-up cotton with the toner and put it on the forehead, nose, both cheeks and chin for 10 minutes before removing it. Then, you can feel the immediate moisture and cooling effect.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO MILD TONER helps to control the balance in the skin between oil and water, transfers the moisture to the skin, thus making the skin healthy and clean. The extract of milk protein which softly acts on the skin keep the weak skin moisturized and gives the vitality to the skin.

Soothing care

The skin which loses the elasticity due to the hot heat and stimulation needs the soothing care. If you want to get back the health skin conditions, use the mask pack filled with nutrients in order to give the moisture to the rough skin.

After washing your face, use the toner to clean your skin and then apply the mask pack over it. If you keep the mask pack over the face for too long, it may take away the moisture from the face. Therefore, it is critical to put it over the skin for the time specified in the manual. Once the mask pack is removed, once again apply the moisturizing cream for the complete elastic skin.


3CE AFTER SUN SOOTHING MASK 1+1 is the after-sun soothing mask in which the jelly essence which has the concentrated effective ingredient makes the soothing and moisturizing cares at the same time. It can give the moisture to and make the cooling and soothing effect on the skin which is heated due to hot sunlight. As it uses the nude cell fabric which has the transparent surface, it gives you the comfortable wearing feel.


In Autumn when it is still very hot and humid, the skin barrier may easily get damaged. Therefore, it is important to fill the skin with the moisture. If the sufficient nutrients or moisture is not provided in the skin care stage, the skin easily gets damaged by the outside stimulation.

Once the skin temperature is lowered and the moisture is fully provided, it is time to complete the moisturizing feel with the facial cream filled with the nutritious ingredients. It is critical to select the facial creams whose ingredient does not stimulate the skin. Let’s make the skin healthy by filling it up with the nutrients.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO FACIAL CREAM forms the skin barrier to make the skin become healthy and keeps the skin moisturized instead of get dried. As the functional cosmetic which is effective in whitening and removal of wrinkle, it has passed the skin stimulation test. So, we can safety use it. In addition, as it is not sticky, you can finish it clean (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda, 3CE)

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