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Hyeri in “Monstrum” or Moon ChaeWon in “Myeongdang”, who will be a winner in the film industry for this Chuseok holidays?

[by Oh Hyeong Jun] Even this year, there are a lot of master films waiting for the audience for the coming Chuseok holidays. A lot of new films such as “Monstrum”, “Myeongdang”, “The Great Battle, 2017” and “The Negotiation” are trying to promote their films to the audiences for this coming Chuseok holidays using the actors and actress who are the best ones in Korea.

As the opening day is just one month away, the concerned people are pitching their PR for the movies. At the production reporting event, the concerned actors and actress stood on the stages in front of the cameras. We may think of the fashion first when we hear the production reporting event. So, we have checked the fashions of two actresses who appeared at the production reporting events in their fantastic fashion and caught the people’s eyes for their new two films which would be opened at the Chuseok period.

The fashions of Hyeri, who started the career in the film industry through the movie titled “Monstrum” and Moon ChaeWon, who played as only female character in the movie titled “Myeongdang” got spotlight and caught our eyes. As two movies are expected to be very popular this Chuseok period, the dual in the fashion between these two actresses was also fierce. Let’s find who would make the last laughter in the coming Chuseok period through the fashions of Hyeri and Moon Chaewon.

#Hyeri #Colorful pattern play

The movie “Monstrum” has the story in which the aquatic monster appeared at the 22nd year of King JungJong in Joseon Dynasty and terrified the people and then the people dared to stand up against the monster to protect the precious person from it. Along with the unique topic, it gets the spotlight as the first screen and the first historical movie for Hyeri.

Hyeri appeared in the midi skirt having the leopard pattern with the large check-patterned knit top. Her top has the bold pattern and color, front adjustment and white background, thus giving the unique and clean feel. On top of that, she put on the impressive skirt having pleats details and red blocks.

Editors’ Pick

It looks like that the skirt should be the A line skirt as it helps to look the leg line the most beautiful. It properly hides the thigh line but make the calf look slim and long. The sensible leopard pattern was added to the beautiful silhouette.

As it is the color patterned skirt, it is good to match it with a simpler top. However, if it is sensibly matched with other pattern such as the bold check as in case of Hyeri, the unique look can be made. As it is made with the elastic materials though it looks a little tight, even the size which looks a little tight would be fine.

# Moon ChaeWon #Elegant flower lace

The movie “Myeongdang” has the story in which the fengshui expert Park JaeSang (played by Jo Seung Woo) who can change the life of a person by knowing the spirit of the lot of land in advance and other people who want to become a king struggle to get the good lot of land. Actress Moon ChaeWon appeared on this historical film for the first time in 7 years and makes the audience get the expectation as she is the only female cast in the film.

She put on the half neck one-piece which was characterized by the flower-patterned lace. It was the fashion which was both beautiful and elegant. In addition, the pearl drop earing was put over the neatly bound ponytail hair, thus raising the pure and innocent image of her.

Editors’ Pick

If you want to get the pure and romantic feel as like Moon ChaeWon, how about selecting the blouse having the flower lace? As it has the fine details with the high-lass material, even the wearing of one sheet is good for dress up. As it also takes care of the inner liner, you can get comfortable feel on it without any rough feel.

As the product is emphasized with the lace decoration, its shape does not get strayed. As the bold lace decoration properly covers the shoulder, those who hate to expose the arm due to their thick arm may try this item. It is well harmonized with any female mood shorts, skirt or casual denim pants (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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Write: 2018-09-07 13:23:00 / Update: 2018-09-07 13:54:26

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