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Tzuyu, Irene and Jenny as the centers of girl groups, What do they have in common?

[by Hwang So-Hee] There are many girl groups which are very popular not only in Korea but also in many countries around the world. They enjoy the popularities due to their beautiful looks and various attractions. Among them, some girls are more popular than others. They are the stars filled with many attractions and are called “centers” of the girl groups.

What do they have in common who are the center of the girl groups? Let’s find out the common attractiveness of those who are called the centers of the groups.

Among many girl groups, Twice, Red Velvet and Black Pink are the most popular girl groups. Among them, there are members who predominantly catch the eyes of many people. They are just Tzuyu, Irene and Jenny. What do they have in common, which catch the eyes of many people?

The attractive point of Tzuyu, Irene and Jenny is their big and beautiful eye which makes them look like a doll. Their deep and clear eyes complete their beauty, help them to be designated as the center of girl groups and also supplements the ratio of face. If you want to catch up with the beautiful face of Tzuyu, Irene and Jenny, why don’t you take a look at the followings?

To catch up with the deep and beautiful eyes of Tzuyu, Irene and Jenny, it would be better to make the natural make-up which would maximize the innocence rather than the dense colored make-up.

Instead of dense colored eyeliner, use the brown shadow to get the innocent mood. Apply the coral shadow over the protuberant parts of the eyelids and give the shade over it with the brown shadow to complete the look. If you add the thin pearl shadow for lovely look, you can make more lovely make-up.

The natural make-up can make the beautiful and attractive eye but is not sufficient enough to make the complete change. Especially, if you have no double eyelid so that you try to make the double eyelid randomly, you may look artificial and have the sagging effect. If you have the eye shape which is hard to change with make-up or you expect more satisfactory effect, you had better have a consultation with an expert.

If you are concerned of your having no double eyelids or having thick protuberant parts of the eyelids or you feel inconvenient due to having the double eyelid on one eye only, the surgery for the eye shape may be one option. Dr. Baek Hye-Won of JK Plastic Surgery Center of Korea (specialist in plastic surgery) said, “there are a lot of people concerned about their eye having no double eyelids. In case when the protuberant parts of the eyelids cover the eye that the eye looks dumb or when the face looks sharp, the change in the make-up may not be enough to be satisfactory. She advised “If you are concerned about the eye shape even after you have tried the change in the make-up method or applied many methods, it would be a good option for you to have an consultation with the expert in the correction of eye shape.”

The surgery method for correcting the eye shape depends on the type of eye shapes. If there is a lot of fat over the protuberant parts of the eyelids, the cutting method is used. If the skin is thin and the eye is small, the burying method can be used for simple surgery. In addition, if your eye has the upward slanted type, or looks sleepy, the opening or cutting method may be used depending on the specific needs.

Doctor Baek Hye-Won said “There are people who come to this center after they have tried to supplement their complex with the make-up only as there are various make-up techniques but they have not got what they want. If you want to have the clear and beautiful eye, you have to have an in-depth consultation on what kind of eye you have with the expert prior to getting the eyelid surgery. The consultation is very effective in making the perfect eye.”

JK Plastic Surgery Center is the place awarded with many commendation plaques for attracting a lot of foreigner patients in Gangnam, Seoul. With the “one-stop preoperative examination”, it puts priority on the accurate analysis and diagnosis for the patient’s health state. It has always the specialist doctor in the field of anesthesiology and has the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) team, emergency kits, UPS device (uninterruptible power supply), self-pains-control device and CRM monitoring system in preparation for the emergency with the mind of the safety of the patient first. (photos by JK Plastic Surgey Center, bnt news DB)

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