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Gray Hair, What should I do, prick it out or leave it? What is the good solution?

[by Hwang Yeon-Do] The completion of style is made with the hair styling whether you are old or young. The hair which is full and shines with the gloss may be everyone’s wish. As the hair is so important in the styling, we spend a lot of money and time in taking care of the hair. Therefore, wherever there is any discussion on the hair, we try to listen to it carefully and get interested in it.

Especially, a lot of people are worrying about the gray hair. Whether it is caused by the age or heredity, there would not be a person who would welcome the gray hair. The gray hair is one of the natural phenomena when a person gets old. When a person gets old, the number and function of cells which synthesize the melanin is reduced, thus making the gray hair appear. Due to this aging process, the Asian people often start to get the gray hair from late 30 years old.

But, the gray hair is not rare for the young people, either. This means that the cause of gray hair is not just the aging process. The gray hair may be caused by stress, wrong diet, or habit as well as the thyroid gland, diabetes, anemia or other disease. But, do not be afraid. There are ways of preventing the gray hair in advance or covering it even if it is generated.

You can delay the gray hair. How to prevent the gray hair

Though there is no medially proved preventive method, the balanced diet, proper exercise, and sufficient sleep help to prevent the gray hair. Actually, the exercise increases the volume of mitochondria which delays the aging process in our body. Accordingly, the exercise can not only prevent the gray hair early but also prevent the wrinkle and delay the skin sagging. It is important to do the exercise on a continual basis and the exercise for 30 – 45 minutes every day is proper.

The right diet is also important. Let’s often eat the blue vegetables and meat having the minerals such as iron or zinc and the black food which contains the black bean and black sesame. As the laver, seaweed and kelp contain the keratin which forms the main ingredient of hair and supplies the scalp and hair with the nutrient, it is good to often eat the foods.

On top of that, if you comply with the small rules, you can prevent the gray hair. It is good to stop the excessive drinking and smoking as those habits reduce the capillary bloodline in the scalp, thus blocking the supply of nutrient and destroying the pigment cells. In addition, it would be a good way to make the acupressure with the round comb so that the blood circulation becomes smoother on the scalp.

The existing gray hair; What is a good solution? 

Most people tend to pluck the gray hair without hesitation if they find it. There are the proverbs such as “If you pluck a gray hair, you may get two new gray hairs from that hair root.” But if a gray hair is plucked and then two additional hairs are generated, there would be no person who are afraid of the hair loss. One hair root has one hair only.

The hair follicles do not disappear even if the hair is plucked. Therefore, it is not right to believe that if the gray hair is plucked, the black hair comes out instead. On the contrary, if the hair is often plucked, the hair follicles are damaged, thus leading to the hair loss. So, take care. Rather than plucking the gray hair, it is better to cut the gray hair at the point close to the hair root, or dye the gray hair on a regular basis.

The dying is the most realistic and effective method of covering the gray hair. But as the dye contains the chemicals, there may be side effect or allergic reaction if it is applied on a regular basis. Therefore, make sure to take precaution. If you skin is sensitive, you had better get the response test by applying it on the inside skin of the arm prior to the start of using it. If you choose the dye having the natural ingredients, you can make less damage to the scalp and hair. After dying, it is good to use the shampoo specified for the dyed hair, which is designed to prevent the hair damage and protect the color and gloss of the dyed hair. As the metal ion of the tap water, the heat of dryer and ultraviolet also cause the discoloration of the dyed hair, make sure to take precaution of them.

Naturalism's dyeing “Jayeonemuldeurida”

It is a fact that the dyeing is the most realistic method of covering the gray hair. But if you dye the growing gray hair on a regular basis, it may stimulate the hair. To overcome this bad stimulation, the alternative dying product has come. It is the hub powder style dyeing product called “Jayeonemuldeurida”.

The hair dye product is the low stimulating dye as it does not have additives such as ammonia or paraben. So, it is good at protecting the hair with low damaging effect. In addition, it is ok for the processing if the water is put into it. There is no generation of chemicals which would be hazardous to human. As it adopts the naturalism hub dyeing method, it does not cause any side effect even in periodic dying. It is also differentiated from other dyeing product as it shows the recipe specific to the customers by adding the tea water to the herb powder instead of the water.

Ms Moon Oi-Suk, representative of the brand Jayeonemuldeurida said, “We started to develop the natural dye which can protect the hair with low cost in order to help the customers who have to frequently dye the gray hair. In addition, as the brand also provides the customer with one-to-one care consultation, and scalp management service, anyone would feel the healthy dye and healthy hair texture.”

On the other hand, as Jayeonemuldeurida has its own naturalism’s natural dyeing knowhow, any person can establish the dyeing shop with less capital. So, recently, Jayeonemuldeurida gets a lot of spotlight in the dyeing industry as a good franchise (photo by bntnews DB, Jayeonemuldeurida)

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