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It is both sexy or cute? Try the attractive off-shoulder

[by Hwang So-Hee] The off-shoulder styling is a good for showing all things ranging from the feminine mood to the cute attractiveness. In hot August, the off-shoulder which looks cool and helps people to forget the hot summer, is a lovable styling as it can complete the beautiful look even when you do not prepare any special point item.

Especially as the off-shoulder styling makes the feminine attractiveness and the body line stand out, it is famous for making the wearer get the sense of confidence as the wannabe fashion styling for many women.

As the off-shoulder style stands out the beautiful body line and completes the feminine mood, it is popular for women. Especially, the off-shoulder is the styling item proper in the hot summer.

The off-shoulder styling which exposes the shoulder line shows the feminine attractiveness and has the effect of making the face look small. If you want more stylish feel, why don’t you additionally wear the accessory in harmony with the ordinary off-shoulder styling?

To make the full use of off-shoulder style which exposes the shoulder, it is important to stand out the body line in order to boost the feminine feel. Let’s complete the smooth shoulder line using the stretching exercise which releases the tightened muscles and trapezius muscle and makes your shoulder live have soft curve.

If you do not move much or take the position of crouching in using the PC or smart phone, you may get a lot of fatigues on your shoulder as well as gain weight and lose the flexibility of the body. Therefore, it is important to often make the stretching exercises during daily life in order to make up the shortage of exercise.

 The stretching is excellent in enhancing the body flexibility, alleviating the muscle tension and softening the body. Especially, it is helpful in preventing the injuries to the muscle and joints and facilitate the circulation, thus removing the swelling.

The stretching is very good as anybody can easily learn and do regardless of whether old or young. As it is made with simple motion, it releases the stress from you and makes your body very flexible.

Thouigh the stretching can make your body soft and relaxed, it is not enough to make your body slim. If youi have tried to get the healthy body line and good health with stretching but have not got the satisfactory results, the liposuction surgery would be a good way for solution.

Mar. Kwon Sun-Hong, a senior doctor (specialist in plastic surgery medicine) in JK Plastic Surgery Clinic located in Gangnam, which is the central downtown area in Korea said, “If you have tried the diet or stretching to improve the physical shape for wearing the clothes but have not got the satisfactory results, why don’t try the liposuction surgery?”

3D liposuction conducted at JK Plastic Surgery Clinic is to remove the excessive from the body by cutting the skin to the minimum and putting the slender ultrasonic stick into it for suction of fat. There is not only the liposuction but also the ZELTIQ treatment which is used to remove the fat layer using the non-operative Cool Sculpting technique.

Dr. Kwon Sun-Hong advised “As the plastic surgery technique in Korea gets more developed and gets good reputation, more foreigner patients come to Korea for the surgery in Korea. If you want to get the liposuction surgery in Korea, you have to get the in-depth interview with the professional doctor on what kind of surgery would be proper for you depending on your body shape and body ratio.”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic which has got the commendation plaque from Gangnam office as it has good accomplishments in attracting the foreigner patients. It has adopted the system of full time doctor of anesthesiology and pain medicine, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) team, 24-hour standing nurses, with the purpose of becoming the safe plastic surgery institution. In addition, as it has the operating room meeting the requirements of US FED, Standard 209D, it is perfect in the safe surgery. With the cooperation between experienced and professional doctors in the related fields, the Clinic is proud of no accident for the past 20 years. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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Write: 2018-08-20 10:47:05 / Update: 2018-08-20 10:54:11

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