Do not be afraid of your skin getting darkened by hot sun! Tip on the skin care after vacation

[by Hwang So Hee] Due to the record hot weather, a lot of people escape from the urban area which is heated and go on vacations to a cool valley, beach or water park. But although people may forget the hot weather due to the cool vacation area for a moment, they may suffer a lot of troubles afterwards.

The skin which was exposed to the strong ultraviolet due to the frequent outdoor activities during summer vacation may suffer from the sunlight burn, inflammation or reddish irritation. Especially, the skin which is darkened due to the hot sunlight is hard to recover that it needs more special care.

If you have removed your stress and hot weather through the vacation, it is now the time for you to take care of your skin which was exposed to many irritants. Let’s recover your skin to the healthy state with the vacation after-care, which would provide your skin with full rest.

Step1. No more of being afraid of the dark skin! Let’s get back the light skin again.

If you play in the water and exposes your skin to the sunlight for long, your skin may get dark. Once darkened, it is hard to recover the skin to the original state and needs a lot of money and time for recovery. So, it is critical to get the immediate tone-up management.
To make the sun-darkened face and body bright again, it is more effective for you to select the product which would make your face toned up and remove any impurities. Let’s use the tone-up lotion which would moisturize and gloss the skin.


As 3CE WHITE MILK LOTION can be smoothly and softly applied to your skin, it makes your skin look natural. If you use this product, you would feel the milk toning effect which makes the immediate tone-up of your darkened skin and takes care of the impurities hidden in the skin. You would also feel the soft and water-filled moisture which is given by the cream texture which is not sticky.

Step2. Lowering the skin temperature

If you want to lower the skin temperature which was heightened due to the hot weather during vacation tour, the facial mask pack is the right one as it can make the effects of cooling and suppression at the same time. Especially, as the skin which is exposed to the strong ultraviolet rays and outside stimulus loses the elasticity and easily gets dried, it is good to select the product which has the ingredients for the recovery of the skin conditions.

When the skin gets hot and heated due to the heat wave and hot sunlight, you had better use the mask pack which can subside your skin with soft ingredients. It would be more effective to lower the skin temperature if you keep the mask pack in a refrigerator for 10 minutes before starting to use it.


3CE AFTER SUN SOOTHING MASK is the special mask pack manufactured to sooth the skin and supply the moisture to the skin when the skin lacks the moisture due to the exposure of skin to the hot sun for long or the sweat. The gel-type essence which is made by concentrating the effective ingredient, supplies the moisture deep to the skin, and makes the skin moisturized. As it uses the eco-friendly nude cell fabric, it is easy to use.

Step3. Blocking the ultraviolet + tone-up cushion

The skin is attacked by the environment which threatens the skin health such as strong sunlight, heat or humidity during vacation. So, it is necessary to take the special care of the skin especially during the make-up.

As for the, use the cushion item which has the effect of blocking the strong ultraviolet and making the natural tone-up effect to have the natural make-up. At this time, make sure to select the light texture as it would make you not be afraid of being sticky even if it is overlaid.


3CE WHITE MILK CUSHION is the sun cushion which has the effect of blocking the strong ultraviolet in addition to the tone-up effect of milk cream. As it is not sticky even when it is overlaid, it makes your skin clean immediately if tapped after application. The moist and soft milk cream texture keeps your skin bright and clean all day long. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda 3CE)


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