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"Unbelievably Hot Mamas", Missy★Stars that stands the test of time

[by Huh Gemma] Looking at recent married celebrities, you can see the atmosphere is different from before. In contrast to the past when female stars temporarily stopped working as they got married, they are now active as ever as soon as they get married or have a child.
Since they are inevitably sensitive to out appearance due to the nature of their work often keep themselves in perfect shape by constantly managing themselves through strict diet and exercise even after giving birth. In particular, Ko So-young, Kim Sung-ryung, and Lee Yo-won, who can be called representative Missy Stars of Korea, are still envied for their sophisticated fashion by married and single women.
In addition to managing their bodyline, they lead the fashion trends of 3040 married women and the items they use often sell out as soon as it is introduced. Let's take a look at the styles of Missy stars that are leading the new trend from fashion to self-management to become the new role model of the 'Working Moms' of this era.

▶ 'Still a beautiful Goddess' Go So-young

Jang Dong-gun♥ Go So-young couple, so-called 'Jang-Go Couple', is the one of the most famous celebrity couple in Korea. They continue to work actively after they got married and are still considered as best looking actor and actress representing South Korea. Especially, Ko So-young continues to amaze us be keeping her bodyline perfect even after two childbirths.   

Recently, she attended a briefing event of a cosmetics brands held in Seoul, Korea. Ko So-young boasted her goddess like beauty in a short bob hair style and a long one-piece dress. She wore a pink see-through dress that came up to her ankle to exude heavenly charm and complete the look with a simple earring.

   Editor’s Pick  
If you want to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere like Ko So-young, try the see-through dress. The white dress that has a sensual yet elegant silhouette can create a luxurious look. The lace frills around the neck, hem and sleeves emphasize the feminine mood, while the front buttons allow you to use it as a robe as well. 

▶ 'Woman should be like her’ Kim Sung-ryung

Kim Sung-ryung, who receives the hot attention of the audience for her unbelievable appearance, showed up at Incheon International Airport to leave to Maldives. Kim Sung-ryung continues to be the role model for women who long for her natural born beauty and superb bodyline. She completed her airport look by wearing a black skinny jeans that came up to her ankles with a colorful print shirts along with a black sunglasses and a pair of pumps with ribbon detail.

Kim Sung-ryung named 'Elasticity Care' as the first secret to maintaining her youthful look in a past interview, and she still grabbed the attention of the people in the airport. Along with her sophisticated style, her clean bun hair style and red lipstick that complement her pale skin pulled her whole look together in a sophisticated way.

   Editor’s Pick  
If the skinny jeans that sticks to your body is too uncomfortable for the summer, try on a unique styled pants for a change. The black jogger pants that has semi-baggy fit design is cool for the summer and the waist band makes it comfortable. It covers up the hip and thighs and as the fit tightens towards the bottom, it won’t make you look heavy or bloated so it is perfect for those who have lower body complex.

▶ 'The queen of baby face’, the mother of three – Lee Yo-won

It is unbelievable that Lee Yo-won is a mother of three children, but she is envied by women with her youthful look. Recently, she has been chosen as a female model of an Italian brand, a.testoni, and attracted attention with her elegant and sophisticated style at the launching party of the brand at the Lotte Signiel Seoul.

On this day, the fashion style chosen by Lee Yo-won is tone-on-tone style that shows a soft atmosphere. Beige wide pants and Stiletto heels emphasize a clean yet sophisticated mood, and boasted an unruffled beauty by matching ivory-toned silky blouse. Here's she held a gray leather tote bag with a wavy cutting details to show off her sense of fashion.

   Editor’s Pick  
If you want to have a more subtle image than the flashy glamor, try the tone on tone style of Lee Yo-won. Especially, beige color which gives an elegant and soft image matches well with the skin tones of the Asian people. Beige pants with a wide fit that falls smoothly is not only excellent in the basic cover of bodyline, but also keeps the waist steady, so it's good to tuck in the tops for style. Also, the texture of the mild linen blend is highly recommended for those who prefer a style that looks easy and natural in style. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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