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The main cause of facial wrinkles? Scalp aging is the culprit!

[by Hwang Yeon-do] You visit a skin care shop every week and recieve skin massage, use expensive functional cosmetics, and various laser treatments, but your still shows no sign of improvement. Even if you are stressed about your aging and wrinkled skin even after you have tried all the methods you can, pay attention to this article.

Skin experts claim that 70% of face wrinkles are due to scalp aging. If the elasticity of the scalp is weakened, it will have adversely affects not only to the hair but also to the facial skin. Hair experts are also backing up these claims. Since the starting point of facial skin is the scalp, when the scalp that provides the elasticity to your face weakens, your facial skin will begin to sag as well.

Facial skin care is not the only answer. If you want to prevent skin aging, do not just concentrate on performing skin care routines, but let's also focus on scalp care. It not only can prevent the facial line from sagging, but it can also have a great effect on maintaining abundant full hair.

>> Factors that make your scalp health worse

1. When you wash your hair at night, do you sleep without drying them completely? When wet hair touches the pillow, the hair is irritated, the cuticle layer is damaged and various fungus begins to grow on the scalp. If you wash your hair at night, be sure to thoroughly dry it and go to bed.

2. Daily use of hair products such as wax, mousse, spray and etc. is like contaminating the pores of the scalp with toxic chemicals. If you need to use hair products, do not let it touch the scalp as much as possible. Also, be aware that electric hair appliances such as irons and dryers may also be irritate and dry out the scalp due to the high heat.

3. You should know that the biggest enemy of the skin is the UV rays. This applies to scalp too. If you are exposed to UV rays for a long time, we recommend using scalp soothing products. It is also a good idea to use a hat to prevent exposure.

4. If you apply too much force such as strong pulling and tightening with rubber band or braiding, it may have harmful effect to the scalp health. Make sure you don’t pull on the scalp and try to tie it more loosely.

>> Lifestyle habits to improve scalp health

As we follow our skin-care routines religiously for clear and clean skin, we must also practice habits for strong and healthy scalp and hair.

The first lifestyle habits for the scalp is the 'thorough cleansing', which is the most basic of the scalp management. After going out, you must remove fine dust through scalp deep cleansing. In addition, the dead skin cells of the scalp must be thoroughly removed to maintain a virtuous cycle without blocking the pores.

Second, if you washed your scalp and hair clean, you need to thoroughly dry it. When you dry your hair, instead of applying heat directly to the wet hair with a dryer, pat it down with a clean towel to remove excess moisture and then use the dryer. If you have some time to spare, we recommend to blow dry with cold air to reduce irritation.

The third task is to give vitality to the frizzy scalp and hair. As with skin, scalp and hair lose their vitality when exposed to the outside environment. The scalp, which is damaged by external irritants, needs nutrition through a serums that is specific for the scalp. However, the prior step to be done before using the product is to visit a specialized clinic to find out exactly what type of scalp you have, and then apply the appropriate ingredients.

>>Elasticity and vitality UP by scalp franchise selection

If you are foreseeing scalp troubles, irritation and hair loss, visit a professional clinic or scalp management facility for proper scalp care and hair loss prevention.

In the process of finding a professional clinic, remember not all clinics are create equal. If you want to prevent side effects from visiting the wrong clinic, we recommend you to choose a scalp chain brand rather than a general hair loss treatment center. It’s because each center's organic network has more clinical and improvement cases on file. This leads to more effective treatment research and development along with the increasing rate of hair loss cure.

In particular, HAESOL Hair esthetic center Sejong branch , which is famous for scalp hair loss management, has a 1: 1 customized care according to the individual scalp type and the cause of hair loss. In addition, you can receive more reliable hair loss care because you can get accurate diagnose through microscopic scalp assessment, oil level measurement, hair density, hair roots and systematic analysis. (photo by bnt news DB, Ecomine, HAESOL Hair Esthetic Center)

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