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D-Day ‘Produce 48’…3 Key points to bring for watching original broadcasting

[by Ent team] ‘Produce 48” is finally unveiled.
Mnet’s ‘Produce 48’, global Idol Promotion Project, is scheduled to stretch out for 12 weeks staring on June 15th. Here, key points to watch for the 1st episode that the public producer meet with 96 participants form Korea and Japan, were reviewed.
# Girls who has different nationality but same dream

In ‘Produce 48’, total 96 trainees of both countries of Korea and Japan, who have solid basic skills including members of AKB48 who is active lively in Japan, will be appeared. The situation that feels inevitably distinctions among participants due to differences of idol culture between Korea that reach the debut through the procedure of trainee, and Japan that grow after the debut. Even though weird tension is revealed from the first meeting, eventually, the future of participants, who are going to acknowledge the differences of each other and fill each insufficient parts and spread competition of good will for the same dream, is gathering more expectation.

# Searching for my own 12 Picks, start to vote together with broadcasting!

Majority of AKB48 group members that forms powerful fandom in Japan, including popular members who is in the rank of top 5 among about 300 members totally in whole AKB48 group voting such as Miyazaki Sakura and Matsui Jurina, will challenge newly as trainees in ‘Producer 48’, Though language and culture are different, it will be attacking the heart of the public producers with purity of peer group and desire for dream.

On the other hand, as the participants of Korea have been waiting for the debut chance with practice of the basic skills and ability at their agencies except some participants who had experience of debut such as Lee Gaeun of After-School and Jan Gyuri of Promise9, they will be approaching to the public producer with the sense of desperate and fresh. For 12 picks who want to support, it is possible to vote via the official web site of ‘Producer 48’ and the mobile application of G-market from 11 P.M. when the broadcasting will be stared.

# Who is the queen of performance that will capture the heart of the public producer?

On the first episode of the day (15th), every participant will be faced each other for the first time. It’s starting of the first evaluation that can’t miss in the series of ‘Produce 101’ for separate agencies. The performance that capture the eyes and ears of trainers is important as it is the stage that determines the personal rank. it is revealed that there is a tem to challenge power group dance of male idol, and a participant who draws admiration from everybody with faultless vocal ability. And it will be adding the tension by point out without filtration. It is also the point that can’t miss to find performance queen who gains flavor in viewer’s eyes.

Meanwhile, The Idol Promotion Project ‘Produce 48” will be broadcasting at Mnet & Japan BS Scapa in every Friday, 11 p.m. from today (15th)

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D-Day ‘Produce 48’…3 Key points to bring for watching original broadcasting 180622

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