Who is the K-Star that sends love call to the China?

[by Ma Cherim] the land of opportunity, China. Because of it, many Korean stars are dreaming of enter Chinese Market; however, as a foreigner, it is challenging to spread one’s name. Despite of that, singer Hwang Chiyeol, Actress Chu Jahyun and others are successfully introducing Korea by raise their awareness in China.

Looking at them, there are many Korean Starts who are dreaming of entering China even at this moment. Who are those Korean Stars who send out love call to China and Hong Kong? Including Hwang Chiyeol and Chu Jahyun, we are going to give a fresh look into stars who successfully enter China and earned great popularity after overcoming many hardships

Stars who have successfully enter China 

Singer Hwang Chiyeol, debut in 2007 as singer, first appear on KBS music entertainment program ‘Immortal Song - Singing the Legend’. Then deeply touched Chinese production team invited him to Chinese version of ‘I am singer’; making up to the final round, he created ‘Hwang-Chi-Ria syndrome. From then, he is beloved by the people of China

Actor Chu Jahyun, who draw an attention as ‘Woochu couple’ on SBS entertainment program ‘Dong Sang Imong2 – You are my destiny’, revealed his reason of entering China market on interview with Korea-China magazine “ONE’. Chu Jahyun said “Due to its limited opportunity of Korean market, there always has been thirst for work. When I was thirst for more work, there was a job offer by Chinese version of ‘Temptation of Wife”. After, Chu Jahyun worked diligently in China; recently she married Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang and have a son. 

Also, an actress who enter China market, Hong Sooah said the reason of going to china was the thirst for more acting gig. On MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ aired last November, Hong Sooah Said “When I really wanted to act, there was no work in Korea, then there was a movie gig offering from China”. Actor Park Haejin enter China market in a mindset of “Newbie” and after gaining recognitions, he became “K-star”. Singer Kim Jaejoong is also popular among Chinese people. Besides them, there are actor Jong Suk Lee, ‘Running man’ Kim Jongguk, Actor Park Sihoo, ‘Exo’ Se Hun pointed as rising ‘K-stars’ in China.

Singer and MC of ‘Radio Star’ Yoon Jongshin 

On MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ aired on February of 2016, the special episode of “Oppan China Style” constitute of ‘Running man’ Jee Sukjin, ‘Exo’ Chen, Choi Sungguk, ‘Jeesang Reo Hap’ Kim Eunsung. In this episode MC Yoon Jongshin, Kim Gookjin draw an attention by hoping for their program, ‘Radio Star’ to enter Chinese market.

When Mc Kim Gura said “We won’t be able to go to China”, singer & MC Yoon Jongshin replied with hopeful remark “I can probably go because I sing”. Then Sukjin Ji said “You can go. If you sing with me you will be okay. Let’s make a deal” then Yoon Jongshin made audience laugh by saying “But we have to only work in China”

Yoon Jongshin, one of the best composers in Korea who debuted in 1990s as a guest singer on the 015B’s “Empty Street”. Since then, Yoon Jongshin produced countless hit songs, distinguished himself as an entertainer on SBS entertainment program ‘I love Sunday”. AS it proves his popularity, he was recently selected as a model of the hit menu of Korea’s No.1 roasted chicken brand, GupNe Chicken. Especially, GupNe Chicken Hong Kong is popular restaurant with endless stream of people. ‘Honey Curry crispy Chicken” has been extremely popular.

Actor Cho Donghyeok, Businessman Oh Byungjin: their love for China 

Singer Oh Byungjin and actor Cho Donghyeok who launched the fashion brand Ardo, drew attention in an interview with bnt last November by showing their affection toward China. On interview, Cho Donghyeok and Oh Byungjin reveal their affection toward China by saying they like China so much they go on vacation to China and Hong Kong whenever they can.

Through Interview, Dongheok expressed his strong commitment to entering China saying “I hope to stay in China by December of 2018” Oh Byungjin said “I haven’t had a chance to meet a good partner yet but our ultimate goal is to grow Ardo into a reliable brand”. During Interview they showed off their 15 years of long relationship between two people.

Voice that tears ladies: Homme, Lee Changmin & Lee Hyun

Homme, a two-member boy group constitute of Lee Changmin and Eight Lee Hyun, founded in 2010. Their fantastic voice and harmony, won 2011 first Korea Music Copyright Music Award ballade category, steal women’s heart. They appeared on the MBC radio Program “2 O’clock Date, this is Park Kyunglim” show their affection toward China.

On that day, when DJ Park Kyungrim asked “Do you want to go abroad with music?” Lee Changmin and Lee Hyun answered “Yes”” with strong will. Park Kyungrim asked “which country are you looking forward to enter?” and Changmin said “I have done several Japanese concerts but nowadays, Lee Hyun is studying Chinese very hard. We want to Enter China” as he emphasized China.
(photo  by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bnt News DB, Lee Hyun Twitter)

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