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Jung Hae-in's father is Kim Chang-wan, crucial role for Son Ye Jin ♥ Jung Hae-in’s love

[by Ent Team] Kim Chang-wan plays an exclusive role.

On the 11th episode of JTBC Friday and Saturaday Drama ‘Something in the Rain (Script Kim Eun. Director Ahn Pan Soek)’ which will air on May 4th, Kim Chang-wan will make his first appearance as Seo Jun-hee (Jung Hae-in) and Seo Kyung-sun (Jang So-yeon). Kim Chang-wan decided to take part in a close relationship with director Ahn Pan Seok, who he worked together through ‘Behind the White Tower’, ‘End of the World’ and ‘Secret Affair’.

Actor Kim Chang-wan has an acting ability to capture viewers in every character. In the 10th episode which broadcasted on the 28th, Kim Chang-wan proved his heavy presence only with his voice that could be heard over the phone during a short conversation with Kyung-sun. Since there was various speculations about the father of this siblings through different conversations between Jin-ah and Jun-hee family, Kim, Chang-wan's role is adding to the expectations.

Jin-ah’s mom, Kim Mi-yeon (Gil Hae Yeon) talked about Jun-hee’s father and said “The child he had with this third women was only in the elementary school. Do you know how much Kyung-sun’s mom suffered because of this cheating until she died?” Kyung-sun also talk about her dad to Jun-hee, “You can’t trust love. That’s the only legacy I inherited from our dad”, and shared her anger towards her father. The existence of the father who abandoned Kyung-sun and Jun-hee as soon as his wife passed away to make a new family, became a crucial reason why Mi-yeon was oppose the relationship between Jin-ah and Jun-hee.

When Mi-yeon brought up the absence of the parents as an reason to oppose Jun-hee, the distraught Kyung-sun decided to call her father in Canada. But her dad coldly said, “I’m here with my child, I’ll call you again” and hung the phone in a hurry. This crushed the last hope of Kyung-sun. If so, what role does the father's presence play in the relationship between Jin-ah and Jun-hee’s love and the relationship between Kyung-sun?

An official of the drama said, "Today (4th), Jun-hee's father Kim Chang-wan arrives in Korea and shows his first appearance. Please look forward to his story that will be told gradually from this week's broadcast." In addition, "Jun-hee father will play a crucial role in the love of Jin-ah and Jun-hee. We hope you will watch the story development along with us to see if he will oppose the relationship like Mi-yeon, or support them like the other family members.

Meanwhile, the 11th episode of JTBC’s ‘Something in the Rain’ will be broadcasted today, Friday (4th) at 11 pm. (photo by Drama House, Contents K)

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