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Hong Kong Travel Checklist! From Shopping to Restaurants

[by Ma Chae Rim] The spring time of April is almost coming to an end. May is the perfect time to go on a trip, and more people are making plans to travel. Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist destinations where you can enjoy various activities in short amount of time.

If you are considering a trip to Hong Kong, let's pay attention. What is the most important process before traveling? It is not an exaggeration to say that ‘planning’ can make or break your trip. This is for those who are wondering about checklists to check before you go on a trip to Hong Kong. We have gathered the list of  the shopping center and restaurants to be sure to stop by.

STEP 1 Pre-travel expense check

The most important thing is to check travel expenses. We prepared a list of expense which we will help you travel economically based on three-night four-day itinerary. Hong Kong is a popular destination with little price difference between high season and low season. It is inexpensive to book tickets in advance. If you book a low-cost early-bird fare, you can book at a lower price. Average transportation cost per day is HK $40, excluding airfare. It is economical to use mainly MTR, bus, and tram for city traffic.

While it is important to stay at a reasonably priced hotel, but remember that location is more important than the cost if it is a short scheduled trip. If you choose accommodation in central or Tsim Sha Tsui, where major tourist attractions and restaurants are located, you can simplify the destination to make your trip easier. Please note that the price per night for a guest house is as low as HK $500. In addition, it is advisable to set a daily meal rate of at least HK $250 per day and the theme park fee is HK $438 or more. You can prepare your shopping expenses according to your shopping pattern.

STEP 2 Local restaurants are a must!

Cheap local restaurants in Hong Kong start at HK $50, but for fine dining, the cost of a meal can exceed HK $1000. If you plan to save on meals, it is better to have breakfast at the hotel and visit the must spots famous among visitors. You’ll be able to take care of lunch, snacks and dinner with average of HK $250 per day.

If you want to enjoy a different kind of food at a reasonable price, visit Goobne Chicken in Hong Kong Central. Located on the 5th floor of the M88 Building in Central Wellington Place, the Goobne Chicken Central is oven-roasted chicken brand where you can enjoy light and savory chicken that is not fried in oils. Especially, Hong Kong Central store is located in the center of traffic flow, making it easy for travelers to access and they offer various menu to choose from. Sweet and crispy Honey Curry Basasak Chicken, Flavorful Soy Garlic Chicken and Deep cheese Chicken are all a must menu for everyone to enjoy.

STEP 3 Theme park, find out admission fee and pathways first

In Hong Kong, where there are many attractions, it is important to check the admission fee carefully. The museum admission fee is normally around HK $20, and free admission is available on Wednesdays. Admission to Disneyland is HK $589 and HK $38 for Ocean Park. Before you head out the door, check the official homepage to find out the admission fee and the pathways.

If you want to enjoy Disneyland properly, it is good to enter at 10:00 am sharp. Hong Kong Disneyland mobile app is a must. By installing the 'Hong Kong Disneyland' application on the smartphone, you can see the waiting time of the rides, as well as the location of the Disney characters and various performance times. Also, please note that Disney characters at the Fantasy Garden might give you a sticker if you ask politely with a cute face. (photo by  Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bnt news DB, Hong Kong Disneyland official website)

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