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3 Cute and Pretty Café and Dessert to Enjoy in Hong Kong

[by Ma chae Rim] Hong Kong is filled with colorful shopping places. Beautiful shopping malls, road shops, as well as a charming café that captivates the attention of travelers makes Hong Kong a haven for travelers. Shopping, sightseeing, various experiences are good, but the best part of the trip is to take pictures of beautiful pictures that can be uploaded to your social media through the local alley. We introduce Hong Kong's pretty cafes and desserts that attract tourists.

1 Goobne Chicken Hong Kong Central

It can be your meal when you want to fill up your stomach, a delicious snack to have with an ice cold beer, or a wonderful dessert to enjoy when you are talking with your friends while looking out to the Hong Kong scenery. There are infinite ways to enjoy ‘Goobne Chicken’. The NO.1 Oven Roast Chicken Brand located in Hong Kong Central is a Hong Kong hot place that captures locals and tourists with its pleasant, spacious space and neat interior.

Goobne Chicken is light with less oil because it is roasted in the oven instead deep fried in oil. 'Honey Curry Basasack Chicken' is a representative dish of Goobne Chicken Hong Kong Central Restaurant, which is loved by both men and women, with its sweet honey and fragrant curry taste. In addition, there are various menus including ‘Gochu Basasak Chicken’ with spicy Cheongyang red pepper that pops in the mouth, Deep Cheese chicken with the deep and savory taste of cheddar, cream and blue cheese, and Fruits Soy Garlic Chicken with sweet fruit flavor dipped in mouthwatering soy garlic sauce. It also has unusual menus such as boneless crunch chicken, tender chicken, cheese toppokki, and bulgogi toppokki.

2 % Arabica Hong Kong

'% Arabica' cafe is known for the Arabica coffee. They have a store in Japan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. In Hong Kong, there are total of 3 stores in IFC, Star Ferry, and HQ. Business hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekdays, and from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekends.

The '% Arabica' cafe is famous for selling simple and practical goods as well as delicious Arabica coffee. If you want to enjoy the spectacular city views of Hong Kong beyond the ceiling high windows along with many goods with ‘%’ logo engraved on it, you should definitely pay them a visit.

3 Jouer Hong Kong

When you pass through dense skyscrapers, you will soon miss the freshness of nature. Here is 'Jouer' cafe where you can meet a small garden during your Hong Kong trip. Stop by the 'Jouer' where you can feel the urban vintage mood and enjoy the desserts and forget about the busy city for a while.

'Jouer' has colorful macaroons and cute baby cakes. It captivates both eyes and mouths with its delicious food, trimmed mini gardens and vintage accessories. It also has a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere and will also host various brand events. It is a good place to have baby showers, birthday parties, workshops, and personal exhibitions. (photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, % Arabica Hong Kong, Jouer Hong Kong Official Website & Official Instagram)

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