“Heart Jolting!” Thrilling Korean Dramas 2

[by Ma Chae Rim] Korean dramas are attracting attention at home and abroad with colorful materials and unique production methods. With the recent development of VOD service, you can easily see the drama you want anytime and anywhere. Foreign dramas are more interesting because you can catch a glimpse of different kinds of fun as well as other countries' emotions and trends.

If you are bored in everyday life, you should enjoy the different kinds of fun with the Korean thriller drama that makes your heart jolt. In the first half of 2018, we introduce two thrilling Korean drama 'Return' and 'Misty' that captivated Korean viewers.

SBS drama 'Return'

‘Return’ begins when a mysterious dead body is found on a quiet road. Four high-ranking figures are caught in this case and are pointed as murder suspects. It is a thriller drama that explores the truth of the murder case when the lawyer Choi Ja-Hye who is popular as the host of the TV program "TV return show" and the hot blooded detective who does not spare his own body to catch the criminal, dig deep to get to the bottom of the murder case. If you are interested in a regular court drama, it is worth watching.

Regardless of the weight of the role, the actors who have a strong acting power are added to the spectacular cast and the quick story development creates a movie like scenes. The actress Go Hyun-jung, who appeared in the drama ‘Queen Seondeok of Silla’, 'The Queen's Classroom', and 'Dear My Friends', took on the role of acting lawyer Choi Ja-Hye. Currently, the actress Go Hyun-Jung left the show due to a problem in production, and Park Jin-hee took over the role.

JTBC drama 'Misty'

The actress Kim Nam-joo, who is called "Sold out queen" has finally returned with a new drama. Kim Nam-joo, has joined the cast of the drama ‘Misty’ with Ji Jin-hee, Jeon Hye-jin, Lim Tae-gyeong, and Gojun and more. She is receiving the support of viewers for her portrayal of an anchor Ko Hye-ran, a perfect career woman who is chic and beautiful. 

One day, Ko Hye-ran, the best anchor of Korea, is named as a suspect in the murder case. Kang Tae-wook, a honorable lawyer and Ko Hye-ran’s husband, steps up to defend his wife and tries to solve her misfortune and recover her reputation. It begins with a pure love of man and woman, but it escalades to greed, doubt, an aspiration for success, and a deviance to boring everyday life. The drama ‘Misty’ if highly praised for capturing various emotions that can be felt throughout life in sophisticated manner. We devote the drama ‘Misty’ for those who lived hard for success and perfect love. 

Delicious foods to add to the fun of drama

People mostly watch drama at home on their TV or computer. To be able to enjoy with your favorite food in the most comfortable place and comfortable posture is indeed a ‘healing’. While watching a thriller drama that gathers attention, anything will taste delicious no matter what you eat, but if you want to enjoy a slightly different and delicious food, let's take notes. We introduce delicious food which will add more fun to the drama.

In Korea, we usually enjoy chicken and beer when watching funny dramas, movies, sports games and so on. Fried chicken, which is deep-fried in oil, has geat crispy and juicy texture, but also has the disadvantage that it is not free from high calories and it’s not so good for the health because it is fried in oil.

To complement these issues, there is Korea's No. 1 oven-grilled chicken, 'Goobne Chicken'. Even though it is grilled, not fried, Goobne chicken still has the crispy texture and is perfect for enjoy while watching your favorite drama. If you are trying Goobne Chicken for the first time, let’s starts with ‘Honey Curry Basasak’, which is a combination of sweet honey and curry flavors.

If you want fresh and cold food, why not enjoy ice cream, waffles and fruits? If you do not have a waffle maker machine, you can take any bread you have at home, baked in an oven or pan, top it with ice cream and fruit. You can feel the jolting and thrilling feelings in your body with cold food, and the fun of the drama will be doubled.(photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB, SBS drama 'Return', JTBC drama 'Misty', TVN drama 'Cross' poster and broadcast capture)

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