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The Korean Food Collection that Goes Well with Chinese Food!

[by Ma Chae Rim] As the walls of the border become more flexible, food culture is being shared around the world. This is also true in Korea. Everyone is exposed to various food culture such as Chinese food, Japanese food and Western food to become food experts. Among them, if you choose the food of other countries which has been loved by Koreans for the longest time, it must be Chinese.

Due to the steady cultural exchange with Korea, Chinese people are also increasingly interested in Korean food. If you are still unfamiliar with authentic Korean food, let's take a look at Korean food that matches well with Chinese food. As fusion foods and other menus are gaining popularity these days, we introduce Korean food that goes well with Chinese food.

# Chicken

China is famous for various kinds of chicken and duck dishes, but if you want to enjoy different kinds of chicken dishes, it is recommended to taste Korean chicken. The meat is soft while the surface is crispy and it is filled with flavors. You can enjoy the chicken by itself, but it also delicious to enjoy it with noodles and rice. In Korea, many are already enjoying them with rice and it made a new word ‘Chibap’, which means to add chicken and rice together. 

Especially, Goobne Chicken’s Honey Curry Basasak, which has added a sweet honey flavor and an exotic curry flavor, captured the taste of Asian people including Korea. In addition to China and Hong Kong, Macau and Japan are also selling Goobna chicken, which is Korea's representative oven-grilled chicken brand, attracting many visitors with its diverse menus, side menus, accessible stores and clean interior.


It is one of the most delicious Korean food loved by foreigners because of the sweet seasoning. You can cook in a frying pan to enjoy the grave, or you can grill them to enjoy the savory taste. Depending on your taste, you can use different meet like pork bulgogi or beef bulgogi, and it goes really well with various vegetables. 

You can add Bulgogi to the various Chinese friend rice to enjoy more sweet and rich texture. By adding Bulgogi on top of a noodle dish, you can taste the deep savory broth, and it can also be paired with any dish that goes well with meat. 

#Kimchi Fried Rice

Maybe Kimchi is the first food you think of when you think of Korea. The kimchi fried rice, which is made by finely chopping kimchi and frying it in a pan filled with various ingredients according to your taste, is easy to cook but still delicious. That is why it is one of the favorite food of most Koreans. The taste of the spicy and flavorful kimchi removes any greasiness so it is perfect to pair it with meat dish. In Korea, eating fried rice is a must after you eat meat to complete the meal properly.

If you want to enjoy fusion food, let's add kimchi fried rich to mapo tofu. The soft tofu texture and crispy kimchi texture will give your mouth more pleasure. You can add left over lamb meat in the kimchi fried rice or simply eat kimchi fried rice on the side while you are eating meat. (photo by Goobne, Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB, SBS Baek Jong-won's Top 3 Chef King’ broadcast capture)

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Write: 2018-02-28 13:33:29 / Update: 2018-03-22 10:14:20

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