K-beauty, Now Beyond Asia and Into Europe

[by Kim Hyo Jin] K-Beauty is growing as ever with the love of Asians from such countries like China, Japan and Vietnam. The popularity of K-beauty is now spreading beyond Asia and into Europe.

The green light has turned on for major Korean domestic cosmetics brands to enter Europe, the home of cosmetics. Korean waves (Hallyu) such as Korean beauty Youtubers, idols and TV Dramas played a huge role in spreading K-beauty worldwide. This is also why the popularity of Korean cosmetics is growing based on the trust of Korean consumers.

N&B Lab’s MAXCLINIC, which is popular as a luxury spa care brand, has confirmed the entry to one of the three largest drugstores in Russia, "Rive Gauche", and general cosmetics stores "Atami" and "Siberia Ellipse". In the first half of the year, a total of 185 stores will launch MAXCLINIC  products and more than 40 products, including the main products in MAXCLINIC, Oil Foam Cleanser, Meso Change Program, Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule and Cica Cure Stick, will hit the European markets.

According to an official from MAXCLINIC, "In October 2017, we received a good evaluation at the beauty fair 'InterCHARM Moscow 2017' held in Moscow, Russia. We believe recent Russia’s beauty trend that began to focus on ‘anti-aging’ and ‘home care’ based on the trust of Korean cosmetics and the premium and unique concepts of MAXCLINIC products seemed to have been a factor in drawing the interest of Russian MDs. "

'Oil Foam Cleanser' is a product that combines benefits of oil cleanser and foam cleanser into one product. It provides double cleansing by removing makeup with oil massage, and when the oil touches the water, it turns into bubbles to smoothly finish without leaving any oily residue. In addition, it provides deep cleansing, as well as skin care effects such as elasticity, shine, brightening, and moisturizing and it is said to be the life cleanser, actress
cleanser and so on.

One of the major products of MAXCLINIC, 'Meso Change Program' is a product that is based on the MTS (Microneedle Therapy System) procedure performed in dermatology and aesthetic spa shop. It is characterized by having acquired a domestic patent with melting hyaluronic acid microneedle roller head. Apply high-concentrated ampoules containing collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide to the skin evenly then use the roller. The hyaluronic acid saturated form attached to the roller makes 1000 infiltration holes in the skin with only one rolling and helps the active ingredient of the ampoule be deeply penetrated into the skin.

The Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule was created through joint development with renowned plastic surgeons in Gangnam. It is a two-week home care program that manages the worries of wrinkles without the burden of surgery cost, pain and concerns. This is an ampoule containing the world's first patented 'Botulinum EGF', which is a combination of an anti-wrinkle ingredient, 'Botulinum Toxin', used in skin care institutions and skin elasticity ingredient EGF, which won the Noble Prize for its excellence. It has proven to be effective for improving dermis anti-aging effect and skin self-vitality through human body application test. It is characterized by being able to use one bottle per day.

Lastly, 99.5% of natural ingredients are made of 'ECOGLAM Cica Cure Stick' which can be used safely for problem skin by everyone from child to adult. It is a Cica Stick that can help troubled skin with various issues such as itchiness, dryness and dead skin cells.

In addition to calming and improving damaged skin, it is the first of its kind in Korea to be used all over the face and called the ‘Cica bandage to glide on’. Unlike essence or cream type of Cica Care products, it is made of highly concentrated balm stick, which is easy to carry and easy to apply. (photo by MAXCLINIC)

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Write: 2018-02-13 15:40:32 / Update: 2018-03-22 10:16:25

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