Stylenanda’s ‘womanly beauty’ is Shown Actresses’ Fashion

[by  Kim Min-soo] Recently, actresses have shown the look that people want to copy through sensible styles filled with the womanly beauty in production press conferences and on many official occasions. They always become the objects of envy to the public through the styles that show their individuality despite the cold weather.

Lately, many women appeared showing the items that they enjoy ranging from the dresses that emphasize a feminine atmosphere to the daily look which can represent neatness and elegance. How did they look like? Let’s dig up the styles of the women who were in public and attracted the attention of the public.

#Kim, Ok-vin

Actress Kim, Ok-vin showed the look that is dizzy and emphasizes femininity attending a film premiere and press conference of a movie, ‘The Discloser’. The dress that flower patterns are added appealed a romantic atmosphere and the design with V-neck doubled the sexy look.

Editor Pick.  The most feminine dress absolutely has flower patterns. They are the item that has been loved by women of all ages even during the cold winter. Dresses with flower patterns are still popular and valid. Especially, folds of drapery from shoulder to waistline can simultaneously create a feminine and cheerful mood.

#Ha, Ji-won

Actress Ha, Ji-won appeared in a photo wall event of a clothing brand event hall held in Lotte Cinema Art Malling Jangan in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul in the morning of January 15. She caught people’s eyes by showing them a pure but elegant actress’ dignity.

She created a overripe atmosphere by matching the beautiful coat that the pastel color stands out with navy slacks with cute bobbed-hair which had been shown in the drama and giving off her charm.

Editor Pick.  In the F/W season, dark colors tend to catch your eye. But, you must appeal your distinctive existence with more vivid coats. If you want to be stylish like Ha, Ji-won, not being excessive, you must choose simple designs and be based basic items like white shirts or denim pants.

# Nana

On the contrary, Nana from Afterschool attracted much attention through the black look that being chick stands out in a dram press conference for a drama, ‘Four Sons (四子): Genesis’ arranged in Daegu. Especially, she completed more attractive feelings by adding a curving shape to it as the dress features a belt with her height like a model. 

Editor Pick. Black dresses are the style which has been most chosen last year. Looking at the trend of many black dresses chosen by a lot of women in 2018, emphasized shoulder details and waistline remarkably tend to be well-defined. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)


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Write: 2018-01-26 14:22:04 / Update: 2018-01-26 14:41:32

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