‘2018 New-Items’ Which will Make a New Skin in New Year

[by Kim Hyo-jin] 2018, a new year has broken. It’s time to begin various new resolutions such as looking for something to learn, planning on a diet and making an exercise schedule etc. at the beginning of new year.

Let’s give life to the skin like giving freshness to everything in new year. These days, everyone, regardless of gender and age, has a high interest in the skin. Influenced by this trend, home care products and simple beauty items to be conveniently managed regardless of gender and age will receive the spotlight in 2018.

Let’s look at hot items in 2018 which were launched in the cosmetics market appealing breaking through features amidst the flood of beauty products.

1. Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule

‘Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule’ is a product born through joint-development along with famous plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam for 1 year and a 2-week homecare program which cares wrinkles without operation costs, pains and worries.

‘Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule’ is an ample which contains ‘botulinum EGF’ patented for the 1st time in the world and a high-concentration anti-wrinkle ample which combined ‘botulinum’ cosmetics ingredient which skin care institutes use a lot for straightening wrinkles and ‘EGF’ which is a skin elasticity enhancing ingredient with its effect proved by Nobel Prize.

‘Synergy Effect BTX Ampoule’ was proved its dermal anti-aging effect and skin resilience improvement effect through a body applying test, delivers effective ingredients of salmon DNA and can be used 1 ample a day.


‘COLLAGEN RECOVER PACT’ cares the skin with collagen essence filling inside of the skin and is a double care fact which presents a base-makeup function at the same time by covering blemishes and skin tone naturally with triple color bases.

Its ingredients of pink essence brighten the skin and its melting texture which melts on coming into contact with the skin helps maintain makeup without fixing all day by adhering to the skin surface tight. In particular, essence base ingredient with concentrated collagen of black abalone from New Zealand completes the smooth and clear skin by covering fine wrinkles.

Its effect was proved through clinical trials which is helpful to eye areas, forehead, facial wrinkles, blemishes, covering unevenness of skin and lasting effect, etc. for 25 hours.


‘ECOGLAM CICA CURE STICK’ which was made with 99.5% natural ingredients and can be used to troubled skin without concern from children to adults. While existing products of Cica ingredients come out in essence and cream, it is easy to carry and convenient to apply as a high-concentration balm stick.

‘ECOGLAM CICA CURE STICK’ is a Cica stick which helps various skin troubles such as itchiness, dryness and keratin etc. and is a 1st domestic product called ‘applied Cica band’ which can be applied to the overall face as well as soothing the skin and improving damaged skin.

Currently, this product is used in skin care program by skin care institutes and plastic surgery clinics in Cheongdam and Gangnam areas and can be used safely without concern by using globally trustworthy ingredients. (photo by N&B Lab, MAXCLINIC)

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