Damaged Skin Balance, Protect this Way!

[by Kim Min-soo] 2018, a year of a golden dog, has broken with leaving 2017 behind. With the beginning of a new year, people plan an ambitious skin care plan but it doesn’t come easy because winter rings an alarm bell for moisturization an elasticity directly linked to the age of skin.

In addition, tired and damaged skin due to frequent drinking at the end of the last year catches your eyes. As dryness is added on top of it due to the cold chill of winter, there are little people who don’t face a poor skin condition from the beginning of a new year.
What are effective ways to overcome the worst skin condition from frequent drinking, lack of sleep and to cold wind? Let’s look into several ways to make the skin healthy.

# Right way to wash the face– wash with foams and rinse with lukewarm water


Most people often miss the right way to wash the face though they are picky at the brand and ingredient of cleansing products. Thorough cleansing is the most important basic step in skin care. Making enough foams before rinsing is recommended.

In addition, it is impossible to overemphasize foams in the effect of cleansing. It is because fine foams play an important role in removing residues, sebum and wastes. 3CE WHITE MILK PACK TO FOAM helps prevent the skin from drying and soothe the skin by moisturizing the skin as well as making the skin clear.

Therefore, it is needed to make a habit of making foams when washing the face, and rinsing the face with lukewarm water is more effective than warm water in preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin.

# Reborn into the vivid and elastic skin

The beauty item which can solve the fundamental problem of rough skin in winter is a moisture cream. It is necessary to make efforts to maintain a balance between oil & moisture as disrupted moisture barrier of the skin destroys the balance of the face and causes skin troubles and keratin.

Applying the WHITE MILQUIDRO FACIAL CREAM to the skin like massaging the face at the moisturizing stage after washing the face in the evening enables the skin to feel moist full of moisture more than ever.

# Super-simple high-nutrition moisturizing pack 

A simple moisturizing pack for regeneration of the skin before going to sleep can make the skin shiny immediately. Recently, men show a high interest in women’s skin and view‘a woman with a beautiful face without makeup’as an ideal type. Therefore, if you want to be a more likable person with smooth and bright skin without appearance of pores, you should pay attention to a night care as well as a daytime care of the skin.

If you want to recover the skin balance disrupted from frequent drinking and lack of sleep, you can get healthy and good skin in winter only when accompanied by continuous management and effort of day and night. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)

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