The Prime of Girl Groups, Jeongyeon-Yeri-Jenny’s Secrets to Their Infinite Charm

[by Hwang Sohee] Currently, the music industry is the prime time of the girl groups. In addition to music charts, the girl groups are being presented in various ways through advertisements, dramas and performances, and is loved by the public not only for its appearance but also for its infinite charming appeal.

What is the secret to the attraction of the group that shows a new look for each comeback stage and emits a loving mood?

Jeongyeon from Twice, Yeri from Red Velvet and Jenny from Black Pink, who are loved by everyone, are considered to be the most charming among the many girl group members.

One common feature is that they do not get stuck in one image, but they transform themselves in different looks every time and show a variety of charms to the fans. If you want to show off ever-changing looks like Jeongyeon, Yeri and Jenny, it is best to change your hairstyle first.

You cannot ignore the cost and time whenever you go to a hair salon every time to change your hairstyle. If you want a way to save money and time, just put in 5 minutes of effort while you dry your hair after a wash.

When drying your hair, you should dry your scalp first with a cold or lukewarm wind and then curl up your hair by hand to give a natural curling effect. After you part your hair, face the hair dryer in the opposite direction and create volume from deep inside your roots. With a five-minute investment, you can produce a more hairstyle with a sense of volume than usual.
Above all, the most important thing to change a hair style is the abundant hair. Because your need rich hair to change up your hair from long straight hair to a short bob and different hair colors.

However, when you are trying to transform your image with these various hairstyle changes, you may experience difficulties if you have thinning hair. If you are having difficulty in producing the desired hairstyle due to problems such as hair loss, baldness, etc., considering hair transplantation can be a way of solving your anxieties.

Dr. Choi Yoon-Suk, a plastic surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, South Korea, said, "One of the most important factors for producing various hair styles is the abundant hair. If you are suffering from extreme stress due to poor hair growth, baldness, and hair loss, it is also a good idea to consider hair transplantation. "

 JK Plastic Surgery Clinic carefully study the type of hair loss and chooses the hair transplant method appropriate for each situation. It is also advantageous for the surgeons who have numerous hair transplant surgery experiences to collaborate and perform the surgery. With fast and accurate technology, it minimizes the time that follicular tissue stays outside the human body, and focuses on increasing the rate of engraftment.

Dr. Choi Yoon-suk, director of the department, said, "Women are also increasingly looking for help for hair loss and hairline problems. When they suffer from baldness or alopecia, they are often exposed to extreme stress. Considering hair transplantation or hairline correction methods can be a solution to thier anxieties. "

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which was awarded as the best partner of foreign partner in Gangnam-gu province, is the one-stop pre-operative test, and it will prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis as well as patient's health status. In addition, the hospital's in-house anesthesiologist is always in residence, and a plastic surgeon directly takes over the hair transplant surgery. Considering the possibility of unavoidable emergencies, they consider the patient's safety to be the top priority, like preparing CPR (emergency response) team, holding emergency kits, and UPS uninterruptible power supply that can continue operation during power outages.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)


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Write: 2017-12-28 17:12:09 / Update: 2017-12-28 17:34:20

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