‘Blush’ and Let your Face Bloom

[by Kim Min-soo] One would say that a magical makeup to ripen the beauty of women is to use ‘blusher’. It is the most effective way to bloom one’s face like a flower through makeup.
It is a makeup tool called ‘blusher’ that makes round face slimmer, brightens tired-looking skin tone, and even gives matured, chic look. Let’s see what role blushers play and see ‘It Blushers’.

# Select Blusher Color that Fits You

When you select blusher, you need to check if your skin is warm-tone or cool-tone. You can see which tone fits you better by applying small amount of the following blushers on your hand that makes your skin brighter: Coral blusher for warm-tone and pink-colored blusher for cool-tone.

- Blusher Types

Blushers can be broadly divided into powder, cream, tint and liquid types. Powder can be used even by makeup starters as it is easy to use. Cream or liquid types can add moisture to your dry skin which are appropriate for luminance makeup. 
The tint-type blusher is recommended to makeup experts as it is not very easy to use due to adjustment of color and amount.


If you would like to show warm and soft looks, try 3CE MAISON KITSUNE SOFT CHEEK. It completes vivid makeup that makes you look younger with transparent and bright colors. With its moisturizing marshmallow-like texture, the blusher makes your cheeks soft and rosy.

It is important to use blusher that fits your face shape. If you have oval-shaped face, gently round the blush lightly on your cheekbone. If you have round-shaped face, gently blush the diagonal line from ear to nose.

In case of square-shaped face, apply the blush in a broader range from nose to ear in order to bring attention to the upper part of the face. For long face, gently apply the blush horizontally to draw the viewer in to your gaze. But using the blusher vertically can make your face look longer.


If you would like to show matured, chic mood, try 3CE MOOD RECIPE FACE BLUSH. Only with one touch, the blusher shows natural but vivid colors and completes your makeup with perfection. Besides, the rosy beige color of the blusher harmonizes with one’s skin tone to give natural, beautiful look. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)

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