[Cardnews] Want To Know The Effective Depilation Care Secret?

[by Hwang Yeon-do] The busy everyday schedule. The current people’s stress from this causes much illnesses. The biggest among it currently on the rise is depilation. At one time depilation had been a mid-aged men’s disease, but recently there is a consistent increase in the young women and men of the ages in the 20~30s.

This is for those who are stressed with depilation. Let us look at everything about depilation from the exterior causes, care methods, products, to clinic programs.

Depilation’s exterior cause

Many know depilation to be a hereditary disease. However, exterior causes can also become quite a major causal factor. In the case where exterior factors have caused depilation, it can be treated through the individual’s effort, so it is important to improve the bad habits.

The Basic 3 Care Methods To Prevent Depilation

The most crucial basic habit to prevent depilation is ‘washing your hair’. You must use a product that suits your scalp type, and it is good to shampoo in the evening. This is because the dust and sebum in the hair that has come from the outside must be removed. Also, drying with cold and not hot air is good, and getting enough sleep is a big help for depilation prevention.

What If I Have Early Depilation Symptoms?
Haesol, Ecomine’s major brand, has product lines upon scalp type such as oily scalp, sensitive scalp, dry scalp, and depilation scalp. Since it is especially provided with a step by step assortment, such as treatment, tonic, and serum, a more systemic care is possible. This brand only uses products made from natural medicine and environmental ingredients, and has been acknowledged of its professionality, safety, effectiveness, and technology, that the word has been spread among beauty maniacs.

What If The Depilation Has Proceeded For A Long Time?

If the depilation has proceeded for a long time, it is suggested to visit a professional clinic center. Haesol Scalp Clinics has a scalp hair care system specialized for Koreans on the basis of 16 years of clinical know-how. It proceeds as a selective option care upon the individual’s scalp type and depilation progress level, and the program prices catch the attention of depilation patients as they are low, reasonable, and affordable.  

#Haesol Scalp Clinics Main Program

Basic scalp care: If you feel that your scalp easily smells and is stuffy even after doing shampoo, try out this care program. Manage excess sebum and dandruff, and improve the scalp environment by managing the impurities from scalp and hair follicles.
Moon Je Sung scalp care: This is recommended to those who feel itchiness, have scalp trouble and lots of dandruff. It is a scalp soothing and normalization of sebaceous glands focused care solution program that takes care of keeping the scalp trouble factors, such as excessive sebum and seborrhea, clean.

Early depilation care: It is an effective program for depilation prevention that uses DHT generation inhibiting solution to thinning and weakening hair. (photo by bntnews DB, ecomine)

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