3 Keywords for Winter Skin Care ‘Eat Well, Wash Well, Put On Well’

[by Kim Min Soo] If the winter becomes colder and if the dryness continues, you may be sighing with a rough skin condition. Thus, a thorough preparation must be done from this moment on for winter skin care to prevent bigger skin troubles.

Though it is the most basic, if these three core keywords can be carried you’re your skin will be able to endure the winter coldness. Then what are these three keywords. They are ‘wash well, put on well, eat well’.

Then let us see how effective these three keywords are for healthy and clean skin.

#Let’s Wash Well!


If proper moisturization is not given in a cold windy weather, with no doubt the dryness worsens and skin troubles appear more easily. In such cases, one must warm their bodies in warm water and exfoliate the white flaky skin, and the skin will soon glow and become smooth.

The first step to protect the skin in especially the winter time is to wash well. It is cleansing. Turn the water to warm temperature for the clanked skin and finish off also with warm water. When selecting the cleansing product, it is good to choose one that is based on moisturization.

The 3CE Bubble Foam Cleanser’s Belgium spa water component that contains minerals helps sustain moisture, and the papain, which is the natural exfoliating component extracted from papaya, helps with non-irritable daily care. Also, it effectively washes away the remnants, sebum, and impurities from makeup, giving a good feeling after the face wash.

#Let’s Put On Well!

The clanking skin from the cold wind can lose its moisture even in the short moment right after the face wash. At this time it is advised to provide moisture to the skin right away. A moist skin can be sustained by keeping the moisture with basic makeup or moisture cream before sleeping.

Thus, providing moisture in the winter is an absolute must. 3CE Cedar Wood Day Cream makes strong moisturization and soothing skin troubles possible.


Moreover, skin moistuization after a shower is even more crucial. 3CE Body Butter Cream keeps the dry and rough skin soft and moist for a long time, and the shea butter provides nutrition and moisturization to the skin, which is truly effective for skin reproduction.

#Let’s Eat Well!

The last thing to remember is the dietary habit, which is the basics of health. First, in a dry season the body lacks moisture because of the heating, so water must be drunk often. Also, in the cold winter the body easily becomes tense and the immune system also falls. Thus, it is important to keep a balance through regular and systemized meals and consistent exercise. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE)

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