Winter Greeting Home Care Tips

[by Woo Ji An] Nowadays, as the cold weather of the winter approaches, we need to prepare our skin for winter as well. The weakened skin due to the temperature difference of morning and night or UV rays can crumble down so easily from the cold winter wind. Remember that winter is the most important season for home care. Here are the home care methods that you can easily do at home without going to the dermatologist.

# Exfoliation

Sharp winds and dry office air are the biggest enemies of winter skin. The cold wind irritates the skin and makes the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin more visible. To relieve this, it is good to manage the skin texture with a low-irritant peeling agent once or twice a week. Selecting a low-irritant water-soluble gel rather than a chemical-based filler is a way to minimize skin irritation. If you want to have a simple but more reliable effect, we recommend a cleansing device that will help you get rid of dead skin cells while smoothing the skin texture.

# Moisturizing with oil

Those who have oily skin and trouble-prone skin may be reluctant to use oil, but rather it balances the skin, so it is suitable for relieving skin troubles caused by lack of oils and dryness that are likely to appear in winter. Apply the water essence, emulsion and cream in order to keep skin conditioning. Then, drop one to two drops of oil on the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to heat up the oil. Press down you face with the warmed hands and it will lock in the moisture deep in your skin so it will continue to stay moisturized.

# Body Care

Foot bath is a recommended home care method that can be done easily anywhere and anytime. Before and after the shower, let's warm your feet for about 10 minutes with water at 40℃. It promotes blood circulation, eliminates leg swelling and release fatigue accumulated during the day to help you sleep deeper. Also, burning aroma candles an hour before falling asleep will spread the fragrance throughout the room and help to stabilize your mind and body. Aromatic fragrance is delivered to the cerebrum through the olfactory nerves, which facilitates metabolism and stimulates the sympathetic nerves, making it mental and comfortable.

(Editor's Pick)

001 Philips VisaCare ::: VisaCare's dual-action air lift and exfoliation system massage the skin and promote blood circulation, making it an excellent exfoliant for skin regeneration

002 Golden Age 3SET (MASK SYNERGIST, AMPOULE PREMIUM TRUFFLE MASK, MASK FIXER) ::: Specialized high-function skincare products to prevent cell damage caused by air pollution and UV rays and promotes collagen synthesis to provide expectable anti-aging functional set line

003 Boom Basic Clean Cotton Candle::: Aroma Candle to stabilize your body and mind and help you sleep in a fragrant powdery scent that reminisce the pure and clarity of cotton.
(photo by bnt news DB, Philips, Golden Age, Boom Basic)


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