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'Puppy face vs vs Kitten face', Park Shin-hye - Nana Styling Comparison

[by Kim Min Soo] When distinguish an image, ‘Puppy face’ and ‘Kitten face’ are often regarded as comparable animal figures. Puppy face conveys a good and kind image and Kitten face conveys refined urban beauty.

In the entertainment industry, such an animal image exists, but Park Shin-hye, who is the representative of a Puppy face and Nana, who has a Kitten face, are attracting attention. Especially, they showed off their fashion style with beautiful appearance through official events.

So we looked at the styles that match the images of the representative stars of Puppy and Kitten face, Park Shin-hye and Nana.

#Puppy Face Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye has a puppy like face with big kind eyes and cute mouth. She has appeared in a brand event recently, her puppy like face matched with the flower pattern one-piece dress and a rider jacket showed off a stylish and feminine appearance.

Here she added more charm of a puppy face with the eye makeup. She added a point by lowering the wing of the eye line and keeping it simple and grabbed attention by making her eyes to look big.

#Kitten Face NaNa

Nana is about to unveil his first debut on the screen through the movie, 'The Swindlers'. She has been attracting attention as an image that seems to be sophisticated and chic like a cat and she was on the stage of media preview with lovely styling.

On this day, she dressed in white blouse and suspenders shorts with decorative details, creating a lovely atmosphere. Especially, the see-through material added a sensual feeling, and it reveals to the fair and flawless legs to doubles the intriguing charm.

>>Editor`s Pick

It is the season when the cold wind pierces through the thick coast without any mercy, but the item which reverses the season is more wonderful. The temptation of one-piece dress is blowing hotter in the winter. The flower pattern makes a feminine mood, and it matches well with any outer, so there is no other attractive item than this.

The white blouse with a feminine impression is the best inner item that gives a classical feeling, while doubling the sophistication and femininity. It is also a great advantage to express matureness just by matching the check pattern skirt. (photo by bnt news DB, stylenanda)

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