Increase of 2030 Hair loss, Find the Cause First

[by Hwang Yeon-do] "My hair began to fall out seriously this May. Every time I washed my hair, numerous of hairs fell out. I do not know how to treat it, and to visit the hospital, I am worried about the cost. It's so bad I’m beginning to have bad thoughts."

This is a post from the community café for people with thinning hair. Hair loss is natural phenomenon of aging according to the providence of nature, but the writer of the post is only 24 years old woman, the story changes. A growing number of young people with thinning hair, it is no longer a topic to ignore.

# Prominent 2030 generation with thinning hair

The keyword that emerges in the hair loss market in recent years is ‘2030 young generation with thinning hair. According to the HIRA, the number of patients with hair loss increased from 180,000 in 2009 to 210,000 in 2013 which is up by 30,000 (15.3%) over five years. The problem is that the number of younger generations under the 30’s is quite high.

According to 2013 data, the highest share by age group was the 30’s with 24.6%. Since it was 19.3% for the 20’s and 10.7% for the teens, it means there are more than 50% of hair loss patients under the 30’s. As a result, the stereotypes of "hair loss in for the 40s and 50s" are completely broken.

The hair loss phenomenon of young people also acts as a stumbling block for employment, dating, and marriage. One more interesting survey result is a survey of a marriage information company that says "bald men are the least chosen spouses for women".

It is not an exaggeration to say that the 21st century is the era of appearance. The loss of self-esteem due to hair loss, avoiding interaction with people and even depression suffering are phenomenon that cannot be overlooked.

#Is it genetic or acquired disease?

Most people think hair loss comes from heredity. In fact, genetics were big cause in the past but this is not true anymore. Recently, there are a lot of people visiting the hospital because of hair loss regardless of genetic influence.

According to the results of a recent hair loss treatment hospital, 42.7% of the patients with hair loss have no genetic predisposition, and more than 80% of the hair loss patients in their 20s and 30s are suffering from stress, lack of sleep and irregular life patterns.

The increase in hair loss due to acquired reason means that the probability of losing hair regardless of age and gender is high. But if you think about it, you can improve it if you fix the cause. Hair loss that has already started. How and where should we start the treatments?    

# Hair loss, incorrect self-treatment can worsen the symptoms.

In recent hair loss market, there are various kinds of hair products aimed at young people in their 20s and 30s. However, careful attention is needed because the symptoms of hair loss may worsen if self-healing self-treatment proceeds with shallow knowledge.

One thing to advice on hair loss is to find a professional clinic and consult an expert as a first step to treatment. It is important to know the cause and type of hair loss and treat it correctly. Male hormones, abnormalities of the immune system and malnutrition, mental stress, and adverse reactions due to certain medications can cause hair loss. This means that cures can never be one thing.

According to the director of the scalp management specialty center, Haesol Scalp Clinics, "The cause of hair loss varies, and it is important to apply appropriate treatment according to the cause. We have been researching natural herbal medicine and marine biomaterial composition based on numerous clinical know-how for 16 years."

She also shared her pride by saying, "The core is the scalp proxy toxin release program, as well as customized option management according to the individual scalp types and progress of hair loss. I think this is different from other brands."

The Haesol scalp Clinic, which has analyzed the root cause of problematic scalp and hair loss for 16 years, presents environmentally friendly scalp management solution by combining nature-friendly materials and scientific technology. The brand has recently been introduced as a small and medium-sized business enterprise in KBS Busan Broadcasting Branch Office. (photo by bntnews DB, HIRA, ecomine)

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