Attractiveness of 'Korean Food' that Captured the Foreigners’ Hearts

[by Kim Hyo Jin] Korean food are gradually expanding its position in the world. The days when bibimbap was always chosen as the best Korean food is long gone. The title of 'Well-being' does not wear off with the healthy charm, and the Korean food is full of delicious flavor and heart. There must be a clear reason for capturing the taste of foreigners. Let's take a look at Korean food that are loved not only by Koreans but also foreign friends from distant countries.


The Republic of Korea that led the whole world as Chimak (Chicken + Beer) fever. Korean Chicken is the perfect dish that deserves the title of the king of chicken dishes. The main characters of the film 'Kings Man', Taron Egerton and Mark Strong fell in love with the taste of the chicken, they took it to go for Colin Firth on their way back home. Chicken boasts a charm that cannot be forgotten once you taste it. Fried chicken with crispy texture and flavored chicken with special sweet sauce and oven grilled chicken with savory flavor. There are so many ways to enjoy them.  

Recently, Goobne Chicken, which is famous for oven grilled chicken, is not fried and tastes more crispy in the oven. Moreover, the fresh and tender gravy is conveyed to the mouth whenyou bite it. Goobne Pepper Crispy is characterized by the pungent taste of cheongyang red pepper and make the chicken more delicious. Goobne Chicken was found in Korea and opened in Hong Kong, Macao, China and Japan. Especially, Mongkok is one of the largest stores in Hong Kong and it is capturing the hearts of the 20's and’30’s.

Samgyetang (Chicken Soup)

Samgyetang is made by brewing a whole chicken in the hot broth revealing the mouthwatering meat. It is one of the favorite Korean traditional meals. Samgyetang, which is characterized by its non-spicy and healthy appeal, has recently appeared on the must eat list of Chinese tourists that visit Korea recently. The TV personnel, Daniel Lindemann, has shown off his Mukbang skill by eating Samgyetang on the MBC every1 "Welcome to Korea".
After climbing Mt. Bukhan, Daniel treated his friends to a bowl of Samgyetang. It was a perfect menu for proper physical fitness supplement after hard exercise. Daniel and his friends did not stop praising about Samgyetang, and raised their thumbs, saying it was delicious food. Like this, Samgyetang is quickly becoming a healthy food for the people around the world.

Stone pot Bulgogi

Stone Pot Bulgogi is served in a stone pot that is too hot to touch. The stone pot itself is pretty unique so the sweetly seasoned meat must by more unfamiliar to the foreigners. But foreign friends fell into the charm of bulgogi, which made me want to mix it with rice. It is the favorite menu for Christian Burgos from JTBC ‘Non Summit’, who attracts viewers with his handsome appearance and brilliant speech skills.

In the recent episode of MBC every1 ‘Welcome to Korea’, he introduced his favorite restaurants to his friends from Mexico. Like the true friends of Christian, they emptied the dishes clean and stimulated the viewers’ appetite. Thinly sliced soft meat and sweet bulgogi is now one of Korea's representative foods. (photo by Goobne Chicken, MBC every1 'Welcome to Korea’ Broadcast Capture, CJ CheilJedang, Beksul official website, bntnews DB)


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