Evolution of Fan Tribute! 3 Sensational Gift that Holds the Heart of Fans

[by Kim Hyo Jin] Fan tribute is one of the ways to support the singer and actor that I like. The fan tribute is gradually evolving. Let's take a look at the various thoughts of the fans who are transforming with meaningful gifts not only for their own stars but also for everyone.

Seo Hyun Jin
SBS drama 'The Temperature of Love' will warm up the temperature of the hearts during the chilly temperature. It is a straight romance that Seo Hyun-jin shows as the queen of romantic comedy. In order to support the drama 'The Temperature of Love', the fans of Seo Hyun-jin delivered the 300kg ‘Support’ rice wreath on the day of the production event. The rice wreath is more meaningful than flowers that gets tossed out after one use and it goes well with the goddess of ‘mukbang’, Seo Hyun-jin

Seo Hyun-jin boasted her mukbang skill through the tvN drama, ‘Let’s Eat 2’ and is currently stimulates the appetite of viewers through the oven-grilled chicken brand Goobne Chicken CF. Goobne chicken is loved with their ‘Goobne Galbi King’, made with 10 fruits and vegetables and deliciously spicy ‘Goobne Volcano’, made with special sauce made with gochujang. It has opened branches in Hong Kong, Japan, China and Macau. Especially in Suzhou store in China, the footsteps of the people in their 20’s and 30’s continues every day.


Hyun-a had completely erased the title of ‘Hyun-a from Wonder Girls’ and shows off her unique charm with her distinctive color. Hyun-a, who perfectly matches the word ‘sexy’, dominated the stage during the summer of 2107 with ‘Bebe’ which tells the story of older girlfriend and younger boyfriend. The gift that fans prepared to support her work is a portable battery. It is a gift that shows the sense of the fans by putting a print of a Hyun-a without any makeup which is contrary to her sexy image.
Hyun-a, who celebrated her 10th anniversary this year, finished her performance tours for her sixth mini album 'Following' and entered a resting period. However, she is communicating with her fans through social media. She portrays a laid back personality by sharing her ordinary daily life and her face without makeup on and continues to show a different sides of herself.

SBS drama that gained the anticipation of fans, ‘While you were sleeping’ is a drama that boasts high audience waiting from the start and stands in the center of the topics. Suzy’s fan community ‘Bae Flower Village’ made promotional cup holders to support Suzy and her new drama. It is a well-though out gift that wishes the success of the drama from the fans as the demand for take-out coffee is high.
To prove her original occupation as an idol and participated on the drama OST, but also continues to put our music and works hard as an actress and a singer. Her new song ‘I LOVE YOU BOY’, an OST to her drama ‘While you were sleeping’, is a ballad you can hear Suzy’s distinctive clean voice. It matches well with the sad romance between the couple. (photo by G&Food, Goobne Chicken, Seo Hyun-jin Twitter, Hyun-a, Suzy Instagram, bnt news DB)


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‘Park Chorong Mentions Hayoung's Special Support‘ Press Conference 171023’

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