Reason to go to Hangang River in Seoul

[by Lee Hee-soo] South Korea has a diverse range of food and entertainment that attract tourists. Seoul, where culture and trends such as Hongdae and Itaewon, as well as distinctive palaces that provide the feel of the tradition and history, is a must place to visit.

Among them, the Hangang River, which cuts through Seoul in to north and the south, is a place where you should not miss if you go to Seoul as a place for relaxing and healing. If you have a plan to travel to Korea, let’s get ready to visit the Hangang River.

▶ Where to enjoy the cool fall weather

When you go to Hangang River, you can see many people gathered along the river with family, friends and lovers. Even if you do not have special plans, the wide river offers a leisurely feeling so it makes you feel like you have escaped the busy city. You can especially feel the cool breeze and warm sunlight when you close your eyes.

▶ Where there is a romantic atmosphere

If you go to the Hangang River at night, the night view emits a romantic atmosphere. Among them, Banpo Hangang River Park has a 'Rainbow Fountain' which you can enjoy the beautiful lights and water coming off of the bridge, so you can enjoy the beautiful night lights with no hassle. If you have found this romantic space with your significant others, friends, and family, you only need 3 things. A mat, thick blanket and night snacks.

▶ Where you can enjoy Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

The 'Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market’ is where you can purchase different kinds of food as well as various handcrafted items. Especially for the food, you can get easily find everything from steak to exotic food and it captures your nose and eyes to stop your feet. Usually held every Friday and Saturday, the night market around the Hangang River is located in Yeouido and Banpo Hangang River Park. If you want to make a relaxing and delicious night, be sure to visit.

▶ Fall, the best place to eat hot noodles

At Hangang River, you can buy ramen noodles at the convenience store. You can boil it yourself so it makes a special memories. Especially these days, fall is less cold than winter, so it is suitable temperature to eat ramen noodles. You can eat the most delicious ramen noodles without shivering in the cold.

▶ The representative of Healing, 'Chimak', cannot be missed

When you go to Hangang River, you can see many people eating chicken and beer. Freshly fried, warm chicken and ice cold beer creates harmony that cannot be replaced.

Those who like the usually deep chicken flavor and different seasoning enjoys the oven-grilled chicken brand Goobne Chicken. The ‘Goobne Volcano’, armed with the hot spicy base with Gochujang and salty and sweet ‘Galbi King’ made with 10 fruits and vegetables are popular as late night snack and chicken rice menu. Recently in Korea, a new menu, ‘Goobne Hot Galbi King’ was introduced with added Cheongyang peppers for addictive spicy flavor. Goobne Chicken, which has grabbed the taste buds of young people in their 20s and 30s, has entered Korea, Macao, China and Japan, and Mongkok is the largest store in Hong Kong. (photo by Goobne Chicken, Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market official website, bntnews DB)


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