Must Eat by Foreigners when They Visit Korea

[by Lee Hee Su] Various world people are taking great interest in Korean culture starting with Korean Wave stars. Therefore, contents about Korean culture experience are grabbing attention in Social Media and YouTube.

Among them, so-called 'Cookbang' and 'Mukbang' are raising expectations for food culture. It even created a list of must eats when you visit Korea. So, we introduce Korean foods that are loved by the locals as well as the travelers.

Fresh and fragrant vegetables ‘Bibimbap’

Bibimbap fills your mouth with a variety of sprouts and vegetables. You can enjoy a savory meal with Gochujang (spicy hot pepper paste), a sweet sesame oil, pinch of sesame seed, and of course, egg yolk. Bibimbap is made with not only vegetables but various ingredients such as octopus and bulgogi and boasts flavorful taste. In addition, the stone-pot bibimbap served in a hot stone pot can be enjoyed as chewy nurungji, slightly overcooked rice. Bibimbap is also good for diet. Reduce the amount of rice and eat plenty of vegetables and herbs.

Melts in your mouth ‘Spicy Soft Tofu Stew’

Spicy Soft Tofu Stew is a mystic mixture of spicy soup and soft tofu. It’s served in a stone pot to keep it warm until the last spoon. Because of this, people take a bite thinking the soup has cooled off and burn their mouth, but the soft melting texture brings them back again and again. Spicy Soft Tofu Stew mainly contains seafood such as shellfish and steamed Styela clava or beef to provide refreshing and fullness. Spicy Soft Tofu Stew with ham and cheese boasts fusion charm.

Savory and Juicy ‘Chicken’

If you came to Korea, the Republic of Chicken, you cannot miss chicken. Especially, 'Chimak' (Chicken + Beer), which is enjoyed with ice cold beer, is also regarded as a Korean delicacy, snatching even the foreigner's taste. Chicken can be fried in oil, but when cooked in the oven, the pure flavor of the chicken is further increased and it is not too heavy for your health.

Among them, the oven-baked chicken brand, Goobne Chicken, is catching the taste buds of young people in their 20s and 30s with special seasoning. The signature menu is 'Goobne Volcano', which boasts a hot and spicy flavor on the base of gochujang, and 'Goobne Galbi King' filled with sweet and salty galbi sauce made with 10 kinds of vegetable and fruits. Especially in Korea, you can also taste the 'Goonene Hot Galbi King', which adds spicy Cheongyang pepper into 'Goobne Galbi King'. Goobne chicken is located in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Macao. The Macao Taipa branch also features the All-dak brand, which can be enjoyed in Korean style chicken dishes such as steamed chicken and chicken galbi.

Perfect Snack ‘Dried Laver’

The crunchy texture and scattered salt makes your hand reach for the dried laver. They are considered as a must buy item when foreigners visit Korea. Dried laver is a type of a seaweed and it contains only 19kcal per 100g so it is perfect as a low calories snack. It is also a perfect match with hot rice. Even when your dining table looks less than impressive with lack of side dishes, you can make rice balls or mini kimbap or add a pinch at the last stage before the completion of a dish to make it seem like you put a lot of effort into it. (photo by: Goobne Chicken, CJ OnMart's official website)

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