When the Autumn Wind Blows, Women Become Graceful

[by Kim Min Soo] The blowing wind in the morning and evening makes autumn feel more real and makes women more graceful.

Unlike the summer, fashion items of calm and tranquil surroundings are coloring the autumn days. This is the best time for women who are transforming their images. Especially this fall, Burgundy, black color with vivid colors are also showing elegant styling.

Actress Han Chae-young, Um Ji-won and model Han Hye-jin, who all match with autumn well, have appeared in fashion full of elegance. Let's take a look at the style that completes the elegance of autumn this season.

#Han Chae-young, Black Dress

As mid-September pass, the black dress is one of the items that appear a lot at official events. Actor Han Chae Young, who recently appeared at the media preview of the movie ' Star Next-door', showed off the unchanging charm of a Barbie doll and completed the official event look with elegance in one piece with draped detail.

[Editor Pick] If you are a woman who ever tried on a dress, it probably was a black dress. Compared to Maxi dresses or those with distinctive pattern features, it is possible to produce a look that is relatively enchanting and feminine.

#Um Ji-won, elegant with burgundy color

Actress Um Ji-won attended the ending party of drama 'Falsify'. She chose burgundy color, which symbolizes the elegance. Especially, she wore asymmetrical dress to complete an unforgettable fashion, and finished with a loose-fitting denim jacket and show off the trendy autumn coordination.

[Editor Pick] Burgundy color gives off a stimulating image, but it also appeals to women's feminine yet fascinating moods to effectively transform their images their images. Wearing it alone is great, but if you want to give it a point, you can also wear a denim jacket or a trench coat over it so you can create a more fashionable style.

# Han Hye-jin, Transformation of Vivid Colors

Model Han Hye-jin, who has earned the likes of the viewers through MBC Entertainment ‘I live alone’, appeared at the airport in a bright colors and unique patterns. Her comfortably as well as stylish bohemian look, added to the burgundy color floppy hat to show off the elegance of a model as if it was a magazine editorial.

[Editor Pick] If flower patterns are too much for you, let's give a point with stripes. The stripe pattern is not only an intense impact, but also creates a strong elegant look. Also with a one-piece dress in green color, you can thoroughly enjoy the autumn season. (photo by bntNews DB, Stylenanda)

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