Dry Mid-season, Moisturizing Management TIP

[by Hwang Yeon-do] The summer has left us without a trace and the cool breeze brought in the fall season.

It is easy for the skin to give you troubles because of the drastic temperature change and cooler winds. The most important management during this time is 'moisture care'. In fact, as interest in beauty has increased in recent years, many people are paying attention to skin moisture management. But there is a fact that many people forget; our scalp is also skin. Scalp and hair strands also need moisturizing.

We will show you how to provide moisture to your face, body, scalp and hair for the coming fall season.

Moisturizing Skin Care Know-How

During the turn of the season, the number of people who complain about their skin troubles increase. This is because high temperature difference at morning and night, sebaceous secretion kicks in to overdrive. Also, it gets easier to see the dead skins so the face looks dehydrated and dull. Lack of water promotes skin aging so it should be managed more thoroughly. For skin moisture care, dead skin cell care should be prioritized, followed by moisturizing care.

Easy exfoliation at home can be done by putting a steamed towel on your face for 5 minutes and then massaging it with a scrubbing powder or peeling agent when the skin has softened.
Afterwards, provide deep moisturize with a moisturizing cream or mask pack.

It is also possible to consume fiber-rich foods and vitamins for moisture management. Many women take vitamin C, which is water-soluble for the skin, but take in mind vitamin D or omega-3, which is lipid soluble, may be more effective when the seasons are changing.

If the dry scalp continues

Since the scalp is also a skin tissue, dry weather can lead to bad effects. Because the balance of the water content of the scalp can be broken due to the high temperature difference, various troubles and dead skin cells can be formed. If these symptoms are left untreated, it may lead to hair loss so special care is a must.

How to Care for Scalp Moisture

The scalp needs moisturizing care just like our skin. The management method is not so different from the skin. You need a scaling process to get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells and then you need to continue with scalp moisturizing.

It is possible to do simple scalp scaling at home without looking for specialized clinic. First, wet your hair and scalp thoroughly and apply appropriate amount of scaling shampoo to your scalp to massage. Make sure to go slow and minimize the irritation since strong massage does not equal to better effect. Use tepid to cold water when rinsing out the product. Afterwards, apply a conditioner or a treatment rich in moisture and hair nutrients and the hair essence thoroughly to finish nutrition.

Fall Scalp Moisturizing Management ITEM

When the morning and night temperature changes severe, the scalp becomes dry. Due to the dry weather, your scalp gets dehydrated which builds up wastes and dead skin cells and can lead to itchy dandruff over time. As a result, not only the scalp but also the hair loose shine and nutrients so special care is a must.
The most important thing is to choose appropriate shampoo. Pilaso Aqua Hair Shampoo, a representative brand of Ecomine, is a good item for those who are suffering from dry scalp. The product is mainly composed of algae extract (cabbage, kelp, seaweed, etc.) that strengthens the hair root and hair, and is effective for improving dandruff, anti-inflammation and itching as well as elasticity of hair.

If scalp cracks are severe, it may be a good idea to use the scalp serum together. People with scalp dryness often have no sebum layer on their scalp so the moisture is often evaporated. Scalp Serum has the effect of forming a film so that the scalp moisture can be locked in. If you apply good amount on the scalp in the evening and then rinse with water in the morning, you should be able to maintain a moist scalp all day long. (photo by Ecomine, bntnews DB)

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