Don’t Hide it Anymore! Menstrual Changes

[by Hwang Sohee] Once a month women have physical and mental changes. This is natural menstruation that happens within the womb every 28 days. During the menstruation that lasts for at least 3 days and at longer periods for a week, there are various physical and mental changes.

The most common change is skin troubles that occur. During menstruation, your skin condition changes in which pimples and zits come out, skin becomes sensitive, dark, and dull and dark circles thicken.

Like this on the sensitive day in which skin changes is busy menstruation. Instead of hiding it, how about having interest in the changes in our body and constantly taking care of the health from inside out?

Acne and Pimples

Many women are worried about skin troubles that occur before and after their menstruation. Before menstruation, sebum excretion rises and makes it easier for pimples and acne to form. They need to especially worry about not complementing the pimples and zits that stick out with makeup.

In order to prevent zits and pimples a week before menstruation, it’s good to use products that control sebum in order to maintain balanced skin. If pimples do form, thoughtlessly touching them with your hand can irritate your skin let’s alleviate it with a spot care product.

Thickened Dark Circles

During menstruation, circulation isn’t smooth so dark circles tend to darken. When dark circles thicken, it makes your complexion look pale, and gives off a dull feeling so let’s liven up through eye acupressure.

In order to relieve accumulated tiredness in eyes and improve circulation, lightly press following the eyebrow bones from the tips of brow hair to the ends. If you slightly rub your hands and add warmth while doing acupressure, it is more effective.

Dry Chapped Skin


Before menstruation, excretion of the female hormone estrogen decreases and excretion of progesterone increases. While estrogen plays a role in preventing aging, helping elasticity, and making skin and hair smooth, increased progesterone sebum excretion causes skin defense to go down which is why skin becomes flaky and dry during menstruation.

Because the balance of oil and water is off skin becomes parched during menstruation, which is why it is good to pay attention to hydration. Let’s give moisture and nutrients to dry skin through moisturizing creams or mask packs with hyaluronic acid components.

Bloating That Makes the Body Heavy


Before menstruation, water and minerals in the body accumulate. In addition, food with a lot of glucose gives the impression that the body is heavier than its actual weight, adding onto the actual weight. Because of this bloating occurs. In this time, instead of doing impractical exercise, stretching that relieves exhaustion is effective.

Let’s do stretching that extends the body and loosens muscles instead of using extensive strength. Bend your knees and leaning forwards and returning to the initial position, and repeating this motion releases leg edema, preventing menstrual pain. (photo by bntnews DB)


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