No.1 Scalp Care Enterprise, Ecomine

[by Hwang Yeon Do] Middle-aged men and women complain of hair loss troubles. However, for young people in their 20-30s hair loss is increasingly become a serious problem as well.

According to the statistical research of the National Health Insurance Corporation, 7 million people suffer from hair loss symptoms in Korea. In the past, balding was only due to genetic reasons but in our current society, through lifestyle habits, stress, etc. the onset rate is rising. Due to this the market of balding care is on the rise as well.  

Let’s look into the brand that has continued to research those who have suffered balding for 16 years, scalp and hair specialist care enterprise, Ecomine.

Ecomine History

Ecomine’s founder, Mrs. Moon has been a specialist aesthetician in Korea since 1992. She strived to develop nature-friendly scalp and hair solutions, thus she established Haesol Scalp Clinics Scalp Care Specialist Center and now manages several branches in the country. In order to develop prevention measures for hair loss and scalp issues, Ecomine trains trichologists who specialize in scalp scare, putting their best to prevent the fundamental causes of scalp problems and hair loss.

The brand patented registration of hair loss prevention and hair growing promotion in 2008 and later on received permission to patent their trademark and quasi drug license. With this foundation, the brand was able to establish their position even with foreign exports to Japan and China.

Haesol & Pilaso

The representative brand Haesol is separated by product lines that optimize scalp care and hair loss care through specialized products that cater to the problems of scalp and hair problems and balding. In addition, Haesol Scalp Clinics is a care shop where the aesthetic lines are used and specialized lines are also provided while home care products are also assorted by scalp type.

Shop-in-shop brand Pilaso is a head spa specialist brand that controls scalp, hair loss, and even stress through Ecomine’s nature-friendly technical skills. Pilaso is taken from philosophy, with the meaning ‘people who treat hair’. The brand presents solutions that return your hair back to healthy hair through various lines that care for your scalp based on types such as oily scalp, dry scalp, hair loss scalp, in which you can find at various scalp care shops or salons.

Haesol Scalp Clinics

Haesol Scalp Clinics that presents scalp and hair care solutions with clinical know-hows accumulated over 10 years. The advantage of the clinic center is that the system of scalp care and balding care was constructed to fit Koreans.

The option of choosing the care fit for the customer is one of the advantages. There is reasonable cost of treatment such as the scalp toxicity emission program that matches each individuals scalp type, level of hair loss, etc., in order for them to receive the most suited treatment.

KBS 9 o’clock News >> Introduced as Medium-sized Strong Enterprise

Leading in green technology through the advancement of functional shampoo and scalp hair system products, Ecomine. Recently the brand was introduced as a medium sized strong enterprise in KBS Busan broadcasting branch on ‘KBS News 9’.  

Ecomine has analyzed the source of hair loss and scalp problems with over 16 years of scalp care clinical know-hows. The brand puts the upmost effort in prevent the increase of aging hair, decrease of hair, hair dullness, color fading, and other scalp troubles. In addition the brand fuses nature-friendly techniques, presenting an environmental friendly scalp care solution and global scalp system.

In the news interview, the brand representative expressed their will, “We have a lot of big data about scalp and hair. We systemize and analyze it in hopes that the customer it can easily select (what they need). Our goal is to become a platform business on the global scale in the scalp and hair field.”

Meanwhile, Ecomine’s system that has been developed over several decades of research has surpassed the domestic market and now has aggressively entered the Chinese market as well. (photo by bntnews DB, Ecomine)


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