Goddesses that Complete the Autumn Mood with Trench Coats

[by Hwang So Hee] Trench coats are standard for fall styling. This is because stylish trench coats give off the perfect mood to match the red autumn leaves and chilly breeze in fall.

Trench coats are both practical and stylish as it can present various moods such as a casual and stylish style when you wear jeans to match it, a dandy mood when you wear slacks with it, or a feminine image when you wear a skirt with it.
How about consulting stars that complete sensible styling through trench coats and turning into a goddess of autumn?

# Chic Trench Coat Styling


If you are concerned about how to style with a trench coat, let’s use a t-shirt and skinny jeans that everybody owns. If you add a trench coat loosely onto the most basic item, skinny jeans and t-shirt, you can finish a nonchalant chic look. If you add sunglasses as a focus point like Kim Nam Joo you can complete a more stylish feeling.

# Trench Coat Styling that Gives Off an Elegant Feminine Mood


It’s good to receive reviews of trench coats being androgynous. Even if it’s a trench coat without any special detail, if there are small changes, you can give off a feminine and elegant charm. If you put your hair in a low pony tail or add volume by putting it in waves, you can give off a calm mood and if you match it with stiletto heels you can add feminine beauty like Lee Chung Ah and closing up the jacket with a belt to emphasize your waist completes a much more romantic mood.

# If You Want a Modern Mood, Style with a Cape Trench Coat

If you want a special trench coat style, let’s use the cape style jacket. The length is short and there are no sleeves, thus the cape trench coat doubles the trendy and chic atmosphere. If you match a basic t-shirt with boot-cut light blue plants, having ankle boots as the focal point, you can finish off a more sensible look like Han Hyo Joo.

# Completing a Sexy Mood with an Oversized Trench Coat

If you want to give off a more fashionable feel, use an oversized trench coat. As if you are wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, the oversized trench coat is a comfortable yet stylish look that is perfect for fashionistas. In addition, if you use a slip style bustier and dizzying booty heels as a focal point, you can give off an even sexier mood like Tiffany. (photo by bntnews DB)

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