Various Chicken Cuisines Through Light Goobne Chicken

[by Lee Hee Soo] You can eat chicken such as drumsticks that are chewy and full of meat juice, light oil less chicken breast, etc. according to your tastes. While being nutritious and savory, it can be practically paired with other foods and is popular.

Chicken that is enjoyed by anyone can have a light taste when you bake it in the oven. How can you eat it even more deliciously? We will investigate the cuisine that is created by Goobne Chicken, the brand that doesn’t fry but oven bakes chicken.

▶ The Necessary Course of Chicken, ‘Chicken Rice’

Chicken rice is the menu item that matches savory chicken with soft rice to make ‘chicken rice’. Especially when you are eating together with a lot of people and there’s a lack of food, if you make this, it fills up the stomach.

It’s good to enjoy the simple original taste of chicken of chicken rice but the taste is even more varied when you add some sauce and bibimmyeon. ‘Goobne Volcano’ caused the craze of chicken rice as the originator of chicken rice through its special hot sauce. You can eat it with a savory and spicy taste through the volcano sauce, chicken, rice, and sesame oil but if you want a creamier texture, we suggest adding avocado, cheese, seaweed flakes and mayonnaise.

▶ Enjoying ‘Spicy Noodles’ With Chewy Noodles

Korean noodles require a lot of garnishes such as carrots, cucumbers, eggs, etc. However, if you have chicken and simmer some noodles, it becomes a decent dish.

The sauce you put in spicy noodles are the most important. This is because you can slurp the noodles that are marinated deliciously. ‘Goobne Galbi King’ menu item reproduced the traditional Korean galbi grill taste. It’s good to mix and the noodles with the savory and sweet taste, but you can enjoy it more freshly if you add Korean green onions. The tip to eating Korean noodles deliciously is when you boil the noodles; let it cool down in cold water for a tangy taste. 

▶ The Combination of Hamburger and Rice, ‘Rice-Burger’

Making a bun with rice like a hamburger to create a ‘rice-burger’ makes chicken rice more delicious. As a type of chicken rice with special visuals, it is a good recipe that you can name ‘cooking king’.

Because the layers of a hamburger stimulate the appetite, the spicy ‘Goobne Volcano’ item is adequate as it gains attention. Remove the chicken meat from the bones by tearing it and prepare the rice. You can season the properly cooked rice to your own taste with sesame oil and seaweed flakes. If you want to shape the food nicely like a hamburger, cover a dented bowl with a hygienic bag, and after sprinkling rice, chicken, magma sauce and mayonnaise, press down the remaining rice without giving an inch. Slowly take it out from the bowl and put it on a plate.    

Goobne Chicken boasts of roasted chicken with a light clean taste. This is because although they make use of various menu items, the food gives off a clean food taste. Starting in Korea, the store is gaining popularity with young people in their 20-30s in Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Macau. Among those branches, Goobne Chicken Macau Taipa’s 1st branch opened on April 28th 2017. Including spicy stir-fried chicken and braised chicken, it is an all-chicken brand where you can enjoy Korean-style chicken cuisine. (photo by Goobne Chicken)


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